Monuments of Different St Maarten / St Martin Ages

St. Maarten’s binational, colonial and post-colonial times provided for a wide array of landmarks and monuments one can visit during a stay. They can give a great impression of the various timeframes that have shaped the island. Visit the Heritage Museum in Philipsburg and the Fruits de Mer museum near Orient Bay for suggestions for excursions.

For those looking for fortresses as a witness of the colonial empires that were once vying for the Caribbean region, look no further than Fort Amsterdam near Philipsburg and Fort Louis towering over Marigot. Monumental plantation houses can be found at Mary’s Fancy, once a hotel, Pasture Piece, which only recently has started serving as a hotel, and the plantation house that harbors Amuseum Naturalis

Philipsburg’s Front Street and Back Street offer an array of historical mansions, from the French Caribbean style to the landmark Dutch “raadhuis” or Courthouse; a national symbol on St Maarten’s flag. That same flag provides a spot for Concordia Monument, erected in 1948 as a memory to the treaty of Concordia (1648) dividing the island between its characteristic Dutch and French sides.

Philipsburg’s methodist church and salt warehouse were built with characteristic wooden shingles; the Augusta Illidge building however with Dutch feeling brick and mortar.  

Modern Monuments

Both on the Dutch side as well as in French Grand Case, industrial monuments can be found that remember of the once active salt industry on island. This industry remained active well into the 20th century; also remembered by the Salt Pickers Monument in the middle of Philipsburg.  

The 20th and 21st century saw growth of national awareness as both sides of the island made strides towards more autonomy. The Freedom Fighter monument and the monument for One-Tete Lohkay remember the times of slavery on the island. Alec the Butcher and Tata the Bus Driver were well-known people of the 20th century that remain inspiration for many stories and source for new St Maarten statues.

For a short introduction of St. Maarten’s unique history, see here. Some specific monuments you can visit to learn more about St. Maarten’s past.

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