Parking in Philipsburg


As it is the bustling capital of country St Maarten, seat of government, many shops and businesses and confined on its south side by majestic Great Bay Beach, parking in lively Philipsburg during daytime can be challenging if you do not know where to go.
Especially when on a day trip, we recommend to park at the parking lots along Pondfill Road / WJ Nisbeth Road. This boulevard stretching along the full length of the inner city allows for many parking spaces between its north side and the Great Salt Pond. As Philipsburg is two miles long but narrow barely half a mile, you are always close to its famed shopping streets Front Street, Back Street, the Boardwalk and Great Bay Beach..
A paid parking lot is available at centrally located Clem Labega Square, in between of the Saltpickers Monument and the landmark Courthouse.
When enjoying a celebrated St Maarten sunset or exploring its many evening venues you might want to keep the car even closer by to make your trip back from the boardwalk to the hotel even more comfortable after a cocktail (or two). Both its west end Walter Plantz Square and east end (Philipsburg Marina near Aziana Restaurant) have paid and guarded parking spaces.
After shops and businesses close and until they reopen, you have a fair chance of finding a parking spot along Front Street or Back Street. Holland House Beach Hotel provides a separated parking space for its guests.
As with any bustling capital in the world, we recommend not to leave valuable items in the car when exploring our magnificent “Town“.

Parking in Maho

Especially during the day, when tourists come to the area to see planes landing at Maho Beach, the Maho area can be busy with cars, buses and tours. Parking along the beach is impossible; the road in between of Princess Juliana International Airport and Maho Beach is an important road connecting the Beacon Hill district to the rest of the island. 
It is therefore advised not to look for a spot to park your vehicle, but to directly look for designated parking spaces and take a five minute walk to Maho Beach or the many restaurants, nightlife venues in the Maho Village. Behind Sonesta Maho Beach Resort Casino & Spa, on the end of the Maho Village strip right before the Golf Course on your left hand side, you find a paid parking garage. Another solution is the parking lot when you turn right on the end of the strip. 

Parking in Simpson Bay

Though the larger resorts in the Simpson Bay area like Simpson Bay Resort, Hilton Grand Vacations Flamingo Beach and Hilton Grand Vacations Royal Palm have their own parking spots, and so do some restaurants like Toppers, parking in this bustling nightlife area can be tricky when you are visiting for a night from other parts of the island. Some options suggested for those who can stand a five minute walk to their restaurant or beach of choice:
In the Simpson Bay Marina area around Huppel The Pub Cafe, Nola and Jai’s Restaurant there is a good series of parking spots at your disposal
– The Kim Sha Beach parking lot has parking spots amidst its many eateries
– In the Pelican area adjacent to Simpson Bay, a parking lot can be found in between La Vista and Hilton Grand Vacations Flamingo Beach hotel.