One Day Visit St. Maarten & Cruise

(Header photo courtesy of Christine Gardner)


Are you only one St Maarten for one day? No problem – plenty of opportunity to enjoy our unique strongpoints like our cuisine and our activities!

St Maarten / St Martin may be well known as a binational and vibrant destination, with 37 square miles it is also very compact. That makes virtually any of our activities on offer within your reach during a one day stop. Contact your excursions provider how to reach your excursion easiest and where it starts.

If you choose to remain close by the cruise port, there is still plenty to do! Many choose take a strawl to Philipsburg or take an activity close to this main town.

Of course, you can take a stroll as well! If you are coming in by cruise ship, you are close by the Philipsburg area. If you are coming by sailing boat or yacht, you are prone to make landfall in the Simpson Bay area. See our area description for more details!

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