Average Yearly St Maarten / St Martin Weather Outlook Per Month

St Maarten / St Martin Weather Forecasts From January to June

Like many other Caribbean islands, months from January to June are the driest on St Maarten / St Martin. By far the driest month by record is March but it rains the least in April (8 days). 

St Maarten / St Martin Weather Information July Through November 

The wettest months on the island are from July to November. There are 145 days of rain a year on average and it rains usually the most in November (15 days).  

However, December, May and June are the transition months from dry to wet season. According to St Maarten Meteorological Department information, the normal annual rainfall is approximately 1170mm or 46 inches.

According to weather forecasts, the rain showers from December to April are influenced by ocean in the northeast coast of the United States. However, the rain during May and June are related to interaction at the higher level and from July onwards, the rain arrives with the tropical cyclones.

St Maarten / St Martin Temperature and Sunlight Information 

Normal average temperature in St Maarten / St Martin is  27 °C or 81 °F, with the average maximum and minimum being 32 °C and 23 °C. The hottest months are August and September and the coldest is February. This Caribbean destination has on average 250 hours of sunshine in each month with about 8 to 10 hours of sun a day. The sunniest months are March and April, opposite to November when there is the least sun. 


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