Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

(Header photo courtesy of Aqua Mania)

Under Water Paradise

St Maarten / St Martin is a true scuba diver paradise. From nature to shipwrecks, there is much to see from an underwater perspective. 
Various tours below provide guided itineraries in the hands of proven professionals, and a great view of and from the ocean in the process.


But no need to have a divers emblem to explore the beautiful underwater fauna of St. Maarten / Saint Martin!
Various excursions below offer tours to the best snorkeling spots on and around the island; visiting spots that might be otherwise out of reach.
 If venturing out yourself, some suggestions for snorkeling:
  • • Right off the coast of Fort Amsterdam, near Divi Little Bay one finds a rare amount of beautiful fish, close to a sunken submarine and helicopter. No wonder you are guaranteed to find the brown pelican, our national bird here abundantly as well!
  • • Take a boat tour to very pretty uninhabited islands close to St. Maarten!
  • • In the right corner of Baie Rouge, snorkel beyond the large rock to a tiny hidden beach beyond, and you will already have passed a fantastic array of fish!
  • • On the Creole Rock, close to Grand Case, you are bound to see magnificent fish while snorkeling! Treat this natural reserve with respect by anchoring off its coast, or take a guided tour!

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