St. Maarten’s fame derives from its nature – a combination of transparent light blue seas, lagoon, pristine beaches and last but not least its towering hills with magnificent views on may other Caribbean islands close by.

NGO EPIC designed various hiking trails to explore the green hills of St. Maarten. See below for a listing of choosing, level of difficulty and route!

Be it arriving by airplane/maho beach, cruise ship or sailing boat, the first thing visible of St Maarten & St Martin is its majestic green hills. Though better known for its close to 40 beaches , St Maarten / St Martins inner natural beauty is well worth exploring.

From amazing multi-island views from the top of its hills to the mangrove forests below and from the pink cliffs of Cupecoy to the unique natural arch of Pointe du Bluff, St Maarten / St Martin has highly different landscape treasures often off the beaten track.

When in nature, look for St Maarten’s national symbols the brown pelican and the sage flower as you can find in the Dutch side flag. Just as special a national symbol is the red flamboyant tree.

Various active nature tours are available; take a look below ! Also, see our event calendar if any nature hike is planned soon!

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