Rainforest Adventures


Zip, slide, fly! Fun for the whole family. Home to the award-winning and the steepest zip line in the world, The Flying Dutchman! From 360° vistas of neighboring islands to a traditional zip line to sliding down a mountainside, Rockland Estate has an adventure.


In the lush cul de sac valley on one of St Maarten’s highest peaks Sentry Hill, one of the island’s most celebrated attractions can be enjoyed!


Rainforest Adventures offers many attractions in one. The Soualiga Sky Explorer takes you to the stunning 360 degrees viewpoint of Sentry Hill, with views stretching from St. Maarten’s highest summit Pic Paradis areas to surrounding islands Anguilla, St. Barths, Statia and Saba. You can take the world’s steepest zipline, the Flying Dutchman back down (but less thrill-seeking persons, can also take the Soualiga Sky Explorer back down!).


The park does not boast one, but two ziplines. The Sentry Hill Zipline allows you to zip from hilltop to hilltop and to enjoy different amazing views of the island.


Along the hillside, more Rainforest Adventures can be found. An informative museum that provides a professionally made exhibition on St Maarten History and its former owner Emilio Wilson, a very popular person on island. A namesake Restaurant Emilio’s named in his honor in his former plantation house is available for a delicious drink or lunch whilst exploring the park.



See the 360° video of the Rainforest Adventures below!




How to get to Rainforest Adventure Park from Philipsburg



From Philipsburg, take its main artery Pondfill / WJ Nisbeth Road and follow it in the direction of Simpson Bay / Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM) , keeping the Great Salt Pond on your right hand side. Cross the traffic lights and follow the road until you reach a roundabout. Turn right, and Rainforest Adventures is on your left.


How to get to Rainforest Adventures from Oyster Bay


Take the main road leading from the border crossing in the corner of Oyster Bay leading to Philipsburg for ten to fifteen minutes until you reach the (first) roundabout with the emancipation statue. Turn right. Now you are on Pondfill / WJ Nisbeth Road. Follow directions as suggested above as of this avenue.


How to get to Rainforest Adventures from Simpson Bay, Maho, Cupecoy and Princess Juliana Airport


From Cupecoy, traverse the Golf Course and continue through Maho village. At the Maho Roundabout, turn left until you reach Princess Juliana Airport.
From Princess Juliana Airport, continue in the direction of Simpson Bay until you reach a roundabout with pelicans. Turn right into Simpson Bay’s main road and continue this road for 10 minutes with the Simpson Bay Lagoon on your left hand side. When you reach the Kruythoff Roundabout, turn right up the hill and pass by Harold Jack.
On the roundabout right after Harold Jack take the most left option down the hill. On the next roundabout on this road, continue straight on into the Cul de Sac Valley. In only some minutes you find Rainforest Adventures on your left hand side.


How to get to Rainforest Adventures from Orient Bay, Grand Case


From Grand Case, take the main road along Grand Case Airport (SFG) until you reach a roundabout. Turn right to Orient Bay.
Take the main road alongside the entrance of Orient Bay to the left. Continue this road for 10 minutes until you reach the border, and shortly after a roundabout. Keep continuing the road straight until you are down the hill near the Great Salt Pond. Follow the road along the gas station to the right and keep going until you reach a roundabout. Cross the roundabout and continue until the road ends at a main road. Follow this road for half a minute to the right and you will have Rainforest Adventures on your left hand side.


Parking at Rainforest Adventures


Rainforest Adventures has a large parking lot, free of charge.


Buses to Rainforest Adventures


Public Transport buses from Philipsburg in the direction of St. Peters stop right in front of the park.
When coming from Cupecoy, Maho, Simpson Bay or Princess Juliana Airport, take the bus to Philipsburg. Ask the driver to stop at Bush Road, where you find the previously mentioned bus to St. Peters in opposite direction. Change buses; rainforest will appear in one minute on your left hand side.



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