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Creatives fall in love with the beauty of St. Maarten / St. Martin.

Legend has it that St. Maarten/St. Martin calls out to the souls of creatives who fall in love with the light and land. That could be why so many artists make their homes on this 37-square-mile island of rolling hills and valleys.

Artists transform their impressions of natural beauty into works of art — on canvas, pottery and other surfaces. Other creatives work with metals to produce a range of works, from everyday items to evocative sculptures.

St Maarten / St Martin artists

Renowned St Maarten / St Martin painters are for example Roland Richardson, Ruby Bute and Ras Mosera. Constant Griffith, though no longer with us, created paintings of the olden days of the island.

A whole new generation of painters found a platform in the wall painting series in Philipsburg alleys, often depicting historical information on the island. 

The classical Caribbean steelpan music culture has been kept alive on St Maarten / St Martin by Isidore York of the Mighty Dow Steelpan Orchestra and his family. Make sure to take a personal masterclass when on island, or to visit his events, of which his Christmas Concert is the most famous.


St Maarten / St Martin has various art galleries, combining a fine selection of local, regional and international art. They can provide you with a unique souvenir, allowing for a sweet memory of your favorite destination on a day by day basis. 

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