Creatives fall in love with the beauty of St. Maarten/St. Martin.

Legend has it that St. Maarten/St. Martin calls out to the souls of creatives who fall in love with the light and land. That could be why so many artists make their homes on this 37-square-mile island of rolling hills and valleys.

Artists transform their impressions of natural beauty into works of art — on canvas, pottery and other surfaces. Other creatives work with metals to produce a range of works, from everyday items to evocative sculptures.

Impressionist Sir Roland Richardson has been influenced by all that is this island. He spends his time capturing the light, moods and people who inspire him. He is the embodiment of the island’s dual personality, coming from both prominent Dutch and French roots. Richardson is famed for his fiery red and orange flamboyant trees and also has captured the island’s historic homes and locations in etchings. His studio is on Rue de la République in Marigot, but you’ll often find in his seaside atelier in the Lowlands area.

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