Hotels & Things to do on the Dutch Side of St Maarten / St Martin

Welcome to the Dutch side of the binational island of St Maarten / St Martin!


The Dutch side of St Maarten (officially: Sint Maarten) is an autonomous country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The country has its own prime minister and government, but shares military and foreign affairs with the other countries in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The King of the Netherlands, Willem Alexander, is represented on island by the local head of state, his excellency the Governor. 


Though this part of the island comprises of 40% of its landmass, it is more densely populated than the French side of the island. The Dutch side also harbors three times the amount of hotels rooms


The most well known areas for tourists on Dutch side St Maarten are its seaside capital.

Philipsburg, seaside resort towns Simpson Bay, Maho, Indigo Bay, binational Oyster Bay and Cupecoy

For a full overview, see our interactive map.


Some other facts about the country of St Maarten: 

•Its currency is National Antillean Florin (NAF), but US dollars are used mostly. 

•Whereas the country is part of the Netherlands, it is not part of the European union but has a special status of OCTA within this body. 

•The borders with the French side are open and freely accessible

•Its airport Princess Juliana Airport, flight code SXM, serves the vast majority of traffic incoming to the island. 

•Philipsburg ranks amongst the most visited ports of call for cruises in the world. 

•Its most important yearly events are Carnival and the Heineken Regatta, attracting a large international crowd.


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St Maarten / St Martin is culturally a Caribbean island, with a very special and distinct binational, multicultural culture mix of its own and many monuments. For those looking for a “touch of Dutch” of the Dutch side St Maarten however, there are various hidden links, from the monuments of Fort Amsterdam or Peter Stuyvesant in the Cruise port. Some very Dutch cafes are present too: from Dutch Pancakes and Dutch Blonde Craft beer providing Dutch Blonde Beer Bar , via Bitterballen at Holland House Beach Hotel to Dutch cafe AMAsterdam with its own original Amsterdam tram, in some “steegjes” Dutch side St Maarten is as Dutch as you can get!

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