About French Quarter (Quartier D’orleans)


Whereas historically Dutch side settlements were more geared towards the salt industry, the French / French side colonists had more eye for agriculture (though salt production and farming took place on both sides of the island). Quartier d’Orleans or French Quarter’s large plains offered space for plantations and became one of the first settlements on the French side.


At the outskirts of French Quarter towards Grand Case the Amuseum Naturalis of the Fruits de Mer foundation gives a great glimpse of an old plantation house, next to a great overview of St. Maarten’s fauna.


For those off the beaten track history buffs, French Quarter is home to Caves, that are a remnant of the Arawak times / timeline on St. Maarten. Quartier d’Orleans carries the name of the Duke of Orleans, brother of King Louis XIV, but is better known nowadays as French Quarter.


Map of French Quarter


Find the French Quarter area on the map below!