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Welcome to St Maarten / St Martin, Yachting and Boating hub of the Caribbean 

The island of St Maarten / St Martin, is known for its vast array of marinas, moorings, repair options, yacht provision companies and chandleries. Not to mention the many boating events we have during the year like the annual Heineken Regatta and Mulithull regatta, bringing together sailing and boating lovers from all over the Caribbean. 

In addition, St Maarten forms a haven for boat fanatics, sailors and yacht crews to meet and enjoy nightlife, especially around the marinas of Simpson Bay and Philipsburg, where one can find restaurants and cafes offering (or are close to) dinghy moorings.

Where to find St Maarten / St Martin boating and yachting

Especially during winter time, Dutch side St Maarten is a bustling hub of mega yachts and sailing yachts setting sail for excursions within the Caribbean region, as well as preparing for transatlantic or intercontinental voyages. Make sure to make to book your boat charter or
rental in advance in this timeframe.

Both Philipsburg  and Simpson Bay have marinas catering to yachts of various sizes. Smaller marinas are available in Cupecoy on the Simpson Bay Lagoon, Marigot and Anse Marcel. Contact IGY Marinas to assist with docking slots. SOL Energy provides various docking stations for refueling your yacht. The St Maarten Marine Trades Association can be contacted for all your questions on chandlery, supplies and crew information. In both Simpson Bay and Philipsburg.

The St Maarten Marine Trades Association can be contacted for all your questions on chandlery, supplies and crew information.

If you are more of a sailor than a motor yacht person, dock at or become a member of the St Maarten Yacht Club to connect to our extensive Sailing Community

Simpson Bay Lagoon Bridge Opening Times

The large Simpson Bay Lagoon is the epicenter of St Maarten / St Martin’s extensive boating scene. It contains marinas like IGY, Port de Plaisance and Blue Pearl as well as many chandleries, rigging and provisioning companies. The lagoon stretches from the Dutch side district of Cole Bay towards the French capital of Marigot.

Other St Maarten / St Martin districts that can be found along the lagoon are Maho, Cupecoy, Simpson Bay, Nettle Bay / Sandy Ground as well as Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM).

The lagoon knows two entries; one in Simpson Bay and one at Nettle Bay / Sandy Ground. Most ships use the Simpson Bay entry. The opening times for the Simpson Bay Bridge are as follows:

8,30am Boats going out

9,30am Boats coming in

10,30am Boats going out

11.30am Boats coming in

3pm Boats coming in

4pm Boats going out

The VHF frequency is 12; the bridge supervisors can be reached via +1-721 545-5230 / 545-3183. Depending on tides, the average height of the Simpson Bay Bridge is 2.4 meters. The width of the channel is 17 meters and the controlling depth 6m.

Please note that in case of major nautical events like the St Maarten Heineken Regatta and the Caribbean Multihull Challenge, opening times might differ.

For Mega yachts not fitting the requirements of the Simpson Bay Bridge, a new marina Dock Maarten has been developed in the Philipsburg marina.

Sandy Ground Bridge & Causeway Bridge Opening Times

The French side of the lagoon can be entered via the Sandy Ground bridge. Here, both boats coming in and going out can enter at 8.30am and 5pm. Those ships leaving have priority over those coming in. The width of this opening is 10 meters, its depth 3.5 to 3.8 meters. The Sandy Ground bridge VHF channel is 16. Bridge operations can be contacted via +590 590-875004.

Connecting Marigot, Simpson Bay, Princess Juliana Airport and Cole Bay is the Simpson Bay Causeway bridge that divides the lagoon in two parts; one with Simpson Bay and Cole Bay, the other with Maho, Cupecoy, Marigot and the airport. The Causeway Bridge opens for nautical traffic coming from either side at 8am, 10am and 3.30 am. Depending on tides, the height is 6.2 meters and its width 23m with a controlling depth of 6m. Its VHF number is 12; the bridge operations can be contacted via +1-721 545-5230 / 545-3183.

St Maarten / St Martin Boat Rentals and Charters

Smaller Sint Maarten / Saint Martin boat rentals are also widely available. Charters come in all sizes; both driven by motor and sail. Amongst others, you can charter catamarans, speedboats, group boats and more and create your own itinerary. In addition, you can rent your own waterski and miniboats for venturing out in the binational Simpson Bay Lagoon. Suggestions for St Maarten / St Martin charters can be contacted via our offices at +1721-5420108.

Last but not least, one day catamaran and water activities are widely available also all over St Maarten / St Martin. 

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