Simpson Bay  is another part of the island which holds a lot of culinary and entertainment. If you enjoy being the hustle and bustle of the nightlife, you can find many hotels such as AtriumLaVistaFlamingo, Simpson Bay Resort and Royal Palm resort. Even though there is a great nightlife on the strip, there is also a quieter side of Simpson Bay where one can relax. Such as on Kimsha Beach next to many local vendors for the authentic taste of the island and on Simpson Bay Beach which is one of the longest beaches on the island. It is said that Simpson Bay village was named after captain John Simpson, who defeated and sank two pirate frigates in the vicinity of what is now Simpson bay located on the west side of the island. This most probably happened during the second half of 17th century. Apparently captain Simpson was from Scandinavian origin, related to chose colonist that came to St. Barthélemy and of which some settled here as a fishing community.


This bay is a hotspot for megayachts and sailing. In March, you are prone to find the lagoon totally full when the St Maarten Yacht Club’s Heineken Regatta sets sail.

If you are into hiking, try the westcoast trail leading from Kimsha beach to Mullet Bay, passing by no less than 5 beaches bordering the Caribbean and the Simpson Bay Lagoon.


Best things to do in the Simpson Bay area:

• Take a sailing tour of choice from Aquamania or Eagle Tours!

• Go all sport and let Trisport guide you on a scavenger hunt , or one of its other Simpson Bay based adventures!

• See what sailing activities are going on on the St Maarten Yacht Club!

• Spend a day at Simpson Bay Beach  or Pelican Key Beach!

• Have dinner at Pineapple Pete’s , Sale & PepeLa Patronathe Hideaway or Juliette’s Bistro!

• Take a Pyratzsxm lunch boat out to sea!

• Visit and learn from the visitors centre / laboratory of local cosmetics multinational SXM Nectar!

• Learn about / try some (!) Home made St Maarten Rum at Toppers Rhum Distillery, and enjoy their bar / restaurant / gelateria in the process!

• Take a day trip to Saba!

• Enjoy your Sports events at Replay Bar!

 Take a hike on the Billy Folly & Pelican hiking trail!

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