Lunch & Dining

(Header photo courtesy of Emilio’s)

An award winning cuisine.

A uniquely binational character and well over 100 cultures have brought a wide array of culinary tastes to St Maarten / St Martin. It is even said St Maarten / St Martin holds a record of restaurants given its limited surface. Just some of the tastes represented by St Maarten’s restaurant offer are Caribbean & Creole, French, Dutch, Surinamese, Japanese , Indian, Chinese, Italian, North- American, Spanish, Dominican, Lebanese, Breton, Indonesian, Mexican and Vietnamese. Of course, combined menus of these culinary dimensions as well as fusion kitchens are also to your availability.

Whatever you do – don’t leave before you enjoyed a delicious Johnny Cake  or an authentic seafood menu!

And all of this on 37 easily accessible square miles!

It is not for nothing that we as St Maarten Hospitality & Trade Association stand proud of having launched the most decorated culinary team in St Maarten history to the region wide contest in Miami in 2017.

For some portraits and recipes of our most famed culinary artists see here. For a choice of some of our finest restaurants, see below.

Areas where you are prone to be provided with multiple cuisines are amongst others Philipsburg, Simpson Bay and Mahoon the Dutch side, Marigot, Orient Bay and Grand Case on the French side as well as binational Oyster Pond & Oyster Bay.

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