Simpson Bay Lagoon – Regional Hub For Yachting and Sailing

Stretching from the Simpson Bay area towards the Lowlands and Marigot, one finds the Simpson Bay Lagoon. Next to a recreation, this area has a mangrove forest area near Mullet Bay Beach.

The Simpson Bay lagoon is one of the largest natural harbors in the region. Surrounding districts like Marigot, Cupecoy and especially Simpson Bay and Cole Bay are a main regional hub for yachting and sailing. Also, the Maho resort area as well as Princess Juliana International Airport border the lagoon. 
The border runs right through the lagoon; whereas the Marigot, lowlands areas surrounding the waters are French, the Maho, Cupecoy, Simpson Bay and Cole Bay areas are on the Dutch side of the island. 
Entering the lagoon with a vessel from sea can be done via the Simpson Bay entrance, or in Marigot / Sandy ground. Those yachts too large for entering these gateways, can anchor in Philipsburg’s marina. 
If you want to know what to do around the lagoon, please see our area chapters on Cupecoy and Simpson Bay
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