St. Maarten & St. Martin offers diverse towns, landscaping and areas. Some guidance on its most visited areas:


Dutch side

Philipsburg – Philipsburg is the capital of the Dutch side, Sint Maarten. The capital holds many cultural monuments and history. Walk along the beautiful side streets and endless shopping options, from jewelry to clothing boutiques and shops. After having a diverse shopping experience you can have lunch or dinner at the various restaurants ranging from local to international cuisines. In the midst of Philipsburg you can also taste the “beer from here” from the Dutch Blonde Bar. Want to relax in Philipsburg? Take a stroll along the boardwalk where there are bars, restaurants and entertainment. You will be able to relax along the shoreline of Great Bay Beach.

Simpson Bay – Simpson Bay  is another part of the island which holds a lot of culinary and entertainment. If you enjoy being the hustle and bustle of the nightlife, you can find many hotels such as Flamingo and Royal Palm resort. Even though there is a great nightlife on the strip, there is also a quieter side of Simpson Bay where one can relax. Such as on Kimsha Beach next to many local vendors for the authentic taste of the island and on Simpson Bay Beach which is one of the longest beaches on the island.

Cupecoy – Cupecoy is on the southwest side of the island, and where you can see one of the most beautiful sunsets on the island. Cupecoy is a unique hideaway in St. Maarten has a beautiful landscape of the limestone cliffs.

Oyster Pond – On an isthmus between the natural Oyster Bay and the ocean, one finds Oyster Bay Beach.  A great location to spend a beach day and end up in adjacent Infinity restaurant when the sun has set.

Dutch Quarter –  Dutch Quarter is one of St. Maarten’s/ Dutch side larger residential districts. Along the main road, one can see one of the oldest plantation houses of the island.
Grand Case – Grand Case is a little town on the northern part of the island on the French side. Indulge in the french culture and the decadent cuisines that there to offer. By Grand Case beach you can also enjoy the local cuisine as well which is known as the “lolo’s”. Here you can have the classic foods that the french cuisine has to offer. From blood pudding to fungi and salt fish.

Marigot – Marigot is the capital of the french side of the island. This town has a very French European feel to it as it is from the French Collectivity, with a Caribbean twist. In this town, you can find a mixture of shops and boutiques as well.

Orient Bay – Orient Bay is a great place where all your water adventures are realized! In Orient Bay you can enjoy jet skiing, surfing and all in between. Additionally, there are many restaurants and lounging areas if you are not up for many activities.

French Quarter (Quartier d’Orleans) – Whereas historically Dutch side settlements were more geared towards the salt industry, the French / French side colonists had more eye for agriculture (though salt production and farming took place on both sides of the island). Quartier d’Orleans or French Quarter’s large plains offered space for plantations and became one of the first settlements on the French side. At the outskirts of French Quarter towards Grand Case the Amuseum Naturalis of the Fruits de Mer foundation gives a great glimpse of an old plantation house, next to a great overview of St. Maarten’s fauna.  For those off the beaten track history buffs, French Quarter is home to Caves, that are a remnant of the Arawak times / timeline on St. Maarten.

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