Information on the St Maarten Pointe Blanche Area


At the south east of the island is an area called Point Blanche. The first Dutch named it “Witte Punt” describing the whitish coloured cliffs rising up out of the sea when approached by ship. The layered rock formation named Point Blanche formation so visible here, resulted from hardened layers of tuft spewed from subvolcanic eruptions deposited on the seabed some 50 million year ago. These layers were later on raised above sea level by the earth crust’s movements. The area was uninhabited but for a small leprosy colony until a road was built in the sixties, opening up the site with houses, port related businesses and a prison. For those who love hiking, two route goes to Point Blanche , the Guana Bay area and the Vineyard.


Where to find Point Blanche 


Point Blanche is located close to the AC Wathey Cruise Port, near Philipsburg. Depending on your location within Point Blanche, the area offers great views of Great Bay and Philipsburg, as well as St Barths , Statia and Saba.


Map of Point Blanche


Find the Point Blanche area on the map below!