The Harold Jack site on Cole Bay Hill is one of St Maarten’s most renowned view points. A parking allows visitors traveling from Cole Bay and Simpson Bay to rest a bit and admiring the view over Saba, Statia all the way to Anguilla over the Simpson Bay Lagoon and even the Lowlands.


The statue of a man sitting and viewing the ocean is that of William Henry Bell the second. The seventh child of the Bell family, William Henry bought the then “Cape Bay Estate” with three of his older brothers. The property then consisted of three former plantations, “Gordon”, “Cape Bay” and “Burnt Ground”, owned by mr Gerrit Rodenhuis and his wife ms Leonora Palmira Rodenhuis – van Romondt. Each of the brothers William Henry, Charles Leopold, Leon Cyril and Landore Alexis bought two ninth parts of the property, and a cousin Abraham Cornelius Peters the remaining part.


William Henry passed away only a year after the purchase at 33 years of age. The part of the estate he owned was left to his father, William Henry Bell senior and the brothers and sisters.


Find the location of Harold Jack & Mr. William Henry Bell II statue on the map below!







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