Loterie Farm

Loterie Farm – St Martin


Though various plantation houses still can be found on the island of St. Maarten / St Martin, there are three plantations that have been best preserved over time as a whole. The first being the famed Emilio Wilson Estate in the Dutch side Cul de Sac Valley, that includes Rainforest Adventure Park and a museum about St. Maarten history in one of the old houses, next to the acclaimed Emilio’s restaurant in the plantation’s main building.


The second is Loterie Farm (Historically: “La Loterie” on the French side, situated in a lush green gorge right under the island’s highest peak Pic Paradis. As is the case with Emilio’s, many “slave walls” testify to the hard labor done in the past on this plantation. The farm was run by the Fleming family until the passing away of French side mayor Louis Constant Fleming, leaving the estate to his sister Nellie living in the United States. She sold the rights to use the extensive property to former actor and surf store entrepreneur William “BJ” Welch, whose vision was to create an ecological park for enjoyment for all out of the former plantation. On top of the old stables, he constructed a famed restaurant under the same Loterie Farm name. added a pool and added a kids zone and ziplines throughout the rainforest down from Pic Paradis – itself named after its former neighboring plantation “Paradis”. Various events take place at the former plantation grounds.


The other one is the Old House.


A hiking route can be taken from here towards Pic Paradis, but a strawl along the many slave walled lanes is also recommended to get an idea of a historic plantation. The former plantation house is again in good shape; the Fleming family grave can be found some 50 meters down from the restaurant, surrounded by slave walls. The estate is home to a large colony of monkeys.

Loterie Farm Impression

Where to find Loterie Farm


Loterie Farm can be found at French Quarter.


Find Loterie Farm on the map below and other Monuments on St Maarten / St Martin on our Interactive Map!




How to get to Loterie Farm


Loterie Farm can be reached via car rental, taxi or bus from Marigot in the direction of Pic Paradis. In case of arriving by bus, a 10 minute uphill walk needs to be taken from the main road still. To get to Marigot from the Dutch side, buses from Philipsburg leave frequently.


In case of coming from the cruise port to Loterie Farm, it is advised to return by taxi to ensure timely return to the ship. Ask the reception to make a reservation to ensure your trip.