Information about the Pelican and Billy Folly Area St Maarten

Pelican – A St Maarten Seaside Villa & Resort District


The Pelican area clearly is named after the national bird of Dutch side St Maarten, also placed on its flag. Its uphill Billy’s Folly area got its name after a certain Mr. William who bought the property located near Pelican, hoping to become rich from exploiting the manganese mines and guano found in the limestone caves. Did it work out? No, it was not profitable, hence the name Billy’s Folly. For best things to do in Pelican, see Simpson Bay.


Pelican nowadays is one of St Maarten’s most bustling tourism areas, with many of its largest resorts located under Billy’s Folly hill. Atrium Resort & Spa, Simpson Bay Resort & Marina, LaVista Beach Resort, Royal Palm Beach Resort and Flamingo Beach Resort. Restaurants vary from the more intimate Hideaway and Juliette’s Bistro, to the seaside cosmopolitan La Patrona and Replay Bar. Aquamania operates all your watersport desires from the same waterfront, including departures to Saba.


Along the one mile Pelican area, you find the Pelican key as well as Kim Sha BeachThe Pelican area also boasts a large amount of villas at your disposal. NGO EPIC has set out an itinerary if you want to climb Billy’s Folly.


If you are into hiking, try the westcoast trail leading from Kimsha beach to Mullet Bay, passing by no less than 5 beaches bordering the Caribbean and the Simpson Bay Lagoon.


Pelican is in walking distance of the Simpson Bay area. 


Where to find Pelican on St Maarten/ St Martin


Find the Pelican area on the map below!





Best things to do in the Simpson Bay / Pelican area


Best St Maarten / St Martin activities in the Simpson Bay / Pelican area: 

• Take a sailing tour of choice from Aquamania or Eagle Tours!

• Go all sport and let Trisport guide you on a scavenger hunt , or one of its other Simpson Bay based adventures!

• See what sailing activities are going on on the St Maarten Yacht Club!

• Spend a day at Simpson Bay Beach  or Pelican Key Beach!

• Take a Pyratzsxm lunch boat out to sea!

• Visit and learn from the visitors center / laboratory of local cosmetics multinational St. Maarten Nectar!

• Take a day trip to Saba!

• Enjoy your Sports events at Replay Bar!

• Take a hike on the Billy Folly & Pelican hiking trail!

Enjoy a handcrafted cocktail while listening to nice music at Kingsman.

• Taste the delicious local rum of St Maarten at Toppers Rhum Distillery.


Best St Maarten / St Martin restaurants in the Simpson Bay / Pelican area: 

Pineapple Pete’s / Wasabi Charlie’s

 Sale & Pepe

La Patrona

The Hideaway

Beirut Lebanese Restaurant

Juliette’s Bistro!

Toppers Rhum Distillery



Best St Maarten / St Martin nightlife activities in the Simpson Bay / Pelican area:

Red Piano

Replay Sports Bar


Best St Maarten / St Martin shops in the Simpson Bay / Pelican area:



Best St Maarten / St Martin resorts in the Simpson Bay / Pelican area: 

Simpson Bay Resort & Marina

Flamingo Beach Resort

Royal Palm Beach Resort

Atrium Beach Resort & Spa

La Vista Resort


Best St Maarten / St Martin boutique hotels in the Simpson Bay / Pelican area: 

The Azure Hotel

The Horny Toad Guest House

Commodore Suites