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Ten Reasons Why St. Maarten / St. Martin Beaches Truly Are the Best Caribbean Beaches To Spend Your Holiday

Are you in the process of selecting your ideal beach holiday destination? Let us give you some arguments why St. Maarten / St. Martin beats many beach experiences in the Caribbean and the world, resulting in many recurring visitors to our shores.


1. World Famous Beaches

Airplane landing Princess Juliana Airport, Maho Beach


It is not for nothing webcams of Maho Beach draw visitors all day. Maho Beach is a worldwide phenomenon as a beach where planes fly over closely. Very famous too is restaurant, water sports mecca and partially clothing optional Orient Bay Beach. Both cosmopolitan Great Bay Beach and Mullet Bay Beach with a golf course alongside it are also well positioned in the hall of fame of Caribbean beaches.




2. Beaches for every mood

Happy Bay Beach French Side St Martin


As you can expect, aforementioned globally known beaches are lively and vibrant. The fact that the island of St. Maarten / St. Martin has 37 beaches allows you to also find beaches of your own. When you visit beaches like Happy Bay Beach, Guana Bay Beach, Long Bay or Le Galion Beach you are prone to have a profoundly different and serene beach experience. Bring a book, a picknick and cooled water (you are still in the hot Caribbean!) as these gorgeous beaches have no amenities – a plus for many solitude seekers.




3. The option to combine with activities


Pink Sunset Sail, Breast Cancer Awareness St Maarten, Aqua Mania Adventures

St. Maarten / St. Martins variety of beaches on a small island allows for great combination with excursions. St. Maartens wide offer of things to do ranks high amongst reasons why people select St. Maarten as destination of choice. Some examples:
–  Combine a day at quaint Simpson Bay Beach with an Aquamania Sunset Sailing Tour
–  Rent a poolside cabana at Great Bay Beach Seaview hotel and bar, do an escape room at next door’s Dutch Blonde Beach Bar or visit the Heritage Museum!
–  Take the world’s steepest zipline The Flying Dutchman at Rainforest Adventure Park and recover from your thrill after at quiet Cay Bay Beach.

As St. Maarten is a compact island, most things to do can be easily experienced and combined with a beach stay when visiting by cruise ship too.




4. Safe Beaches


Orient Bay Beach
Whereas some countries in the region have been experiencing safety issues lately, St. Maarten / St. Martin proudly ranks amongst the safest destinations in the Caribbean. This clearly also accounts for its beaches. Ask your embassy or consulate to confirm our high safety rankings.







5. 100 shades of blue, aquamarine and more


Rocks, sand and blue water on the Lovers Beach, hike away from the road of St Martin
As you already noticed in our by far not yet comprehensive listing, beaches on St. Maarten / St. Martin are very different. That also applies to the natural look of the beaches. From the unique pink cliffs towering over Cupecoy Beach, rock surrounded Lovers beach to the hidden Caribbean gem of Anse Marcel beach amidst lush green, no island beach is the same. The same accounts for difference in the deep blue colors of the seas, from the Caribbean sea to the Atlantic beaches. Discover one every day of your stay!





6. Foodie paradises alongside your beach(es)


Grand Case

St. Maarten / St. Martin is known as culinary capital of the Caribbean. Its multiethnic composition has led to a wide variety of cuisines represented on island, from Caribbean to European, Asian. Famed Grand Case Beach for example is dotted with dozens of high end French restaurants. A day at Simpson Bay beach or Great Bay Beach allows you to sample the ethnic diversity of the island with eateries featuring menus from Lebanese to Indian, from Mexican to Asian Fusion. Orient Bay beach, Maho beach and Friars Bay Beach are also great places to combine a beach day with great food.



7. The Robinson Crusoe Beach Feel



Alongside the coast of St. Maarten / St. Martin, one finds various small uninhabited islands allowing for a day of castaway feeling. Pinel Island is the most famous one, boasting two restaurants. Next to a pristine and lively beach pointing to the “mainland”, it also has a quiet Atlantic beach. Slightly further into the Atlantic, one finds Tintamarre with a beautiful beach on its west end (no amenities here, bring your own food and water!). For sailors safely anchored in the Simpson Bay Lagoon and in for fun, take your dinghy to the uninhabited islands on the Dutch / French border: beaches can be found there too!





8. Little to no loitering

Baie Rouge


When on holidays, we understand you want to experience a peaceful time. St. Maarten has won various accolades by cruise visitors for its experience in comparison to the rest of the region, also because of its lack of loiterers on its beaches. Though on the busier beaches one might encounter some sales people, use our 37 beaches menu to pick your own!




9. Multi – Beach Day Opportunities


Natural Pool Hike



If you have never been to St. Maarten / St. Martin, all above might sound like a full year’s agenda to explore. St. Maartens / St. Martins compact size however allows for trying multiple beaches in one day easily, either by car rental, tour, taxi or bus.






10. The Most Photo Worthy Beaches


Lady in a cave under the pink cliffs of Cupecoy St Maarten

A unique combination of 37 beaches and blue seas makes St. Maarten your ultimate destination for making great pictures. Known to many, Maho Beach is famous for plane spotting and capturing shots of planes landing, but there is much more to this island. Another picture-perfect beach is Cupecoy Beach and that thanks to its stunning setting against the majestic Cupecoy cliffs. Another must see that your camera will love is the unique Baie Rouge, this beach is one of the longest beaches on the island and is recognized by its pink entrance gate, don’t forget to make a selfie!









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