Natural pool hiking trail in St. Maarten

Top 9 Best Spots To Enjoy St. Maarten / St. Martin Nature

On bustling tourism destination St. Maarten, there is plenty of locations to enjoy nature to the fullest. Apart from our 37 pristine beaches and blue seas to explore the following spots should definitely be part of a nature lovers itinerary! This article is about not to miss locations to visit for great impressions of St. Maarten / St. Martin nature; for suggested hiking trails and information on island nature, see our dedicated page.


1. Natural pool


Between the Guana Bay and Point Blanche areas, you find the Natural Pool area. Apart from this famed pool carved out by the Atlantic, on your hike there, an impressive view unfolds over the ocean all the way to St. Barths. A designated hiking trail is devised by NGO EPIC.


2. Pinel Island


Pinel island, only meters off the coast of St. Martin, does not just offer a pristine calm beach with bars, but also a rough Atlantic beach landscape with views from Anguilla to St. Barths. Little hiking paths easily guide the way through this nature reserve.


3. Mangroves


St. Maartens / St. Martins many lagoons and Salt Ponds traditionally had various mangrove forests on its shores. Some are still to be enjoyed, like the ones on the Simpson Bay Lagoon – see a designated hiking trail by EPIC for exploration.


4. Loterie Farm


In the shadows of the islands highest peak Pic Paradis, one finds Loterie Farm. This historic plantation, its entertainment park for children and restaurant built on top of the old stable makes Loterie Farm a great place to spend time. A trail leads up to Pic Paradis, but the lush plantation on the valley slopes is a nature experience on itself.


5. Tintamarre


Tintamarre is a protected island about half a mile off the coast of Orient Bay Beach. A gorgeous beach on its west end often offers views of sea turtles; goats and trees have taken over the rest of this once inhabited island and former airport. As no amenities are available, a true Robinson Crusoe experience.


6. Baie L’Embouchure / Baie Lucas


The European Union assisted with building a tower overlooking this impressive bay with small rocky islands and mangroves. Small beaches allow for a picknick combined with cooling off in the surrounding waters.


7. Great Salt Pond Birding Platform


In the corner of the Great Salt Pond along Philipsburg a floating birding platform with information panel has been installed. A great information point on this International Birding Area – bring your binoculars!


8. Fort Amsterdam


There is no place bringing you closer to the St. Maarten national bird the Brown Pelican than Fort Amsterdam. You can watch the pelicans fly, nest and hunt all from this historical fortress overlooking Great Bay and Philipsburg.


9. Amuseum Naturalis


All of above island nature information and more is explained in the Amuseum Naturalis, a great project carried out by volunteers and based in the Old House plantation house in between of Orient Bay and French Quarter.





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