St Maarten / St Martin: A Great Island For Children

In all cases, snorkeling will be an instant hit with the children. Please see our recommended snorkeling spots for an overview where to spot the most colorful underwater life! Though waves at especially Pinel Island, Le Galion and Kim Sha beach are modest, currents require a parent to be present in the water.

Clearly, beaches are as much fun for parents as they are for children. Specifically Mullet Bay BeachGreat Bay Beach, Kim Sha Beach, Le GalionFriar’s Bay, Pinel island and Grand Case are well accessible for a family day on the beach and have moderate currents. In all cases, snorkeling will be an instant hit!

Information About Indoor Activities With Kids

 You can have the kids Learn about pirate life at “the Rusty Parrot” near the Cruise Port or puzzle away at the Caribbean’s first and only escape room on Philipsburg’s Boardwalk!
For curious kids, both the St. Maarten Heritage Museum, the Amuseum Naturalis and the museum at Rainforest Adventure Park provide a great overview of St Maarten / St. Martin nature and history. All abovementioned activities with the exception of the Soualiga Sky Explorer / Schooner Ride are covered, so also offer an opportunity for entertainment in the unlikely event it rains.

Information About Outdoor Activities With Kids

Seaside Nature Park offers a wide variety of animals to visit and pet. Most notably its guided horseback riding activities are a great hit amongst children.
For those looking for great adventures, go up the Soualiga Sky Explorer at Rainforest Adventure Park and slide down the Schooner Ride (Possibly while thrill-seeking parents take the Flying Dutchman Zipline down – but more relaxing parents can also just take the Soualiga Sky Explorer back). 
Walter Plantz square is a popular day destination for St Maarten families. Its fountains provide refreshment, and you will find children enthusiastically embrace this local landmark square. The square is located along the boardwalk and Great Bay Beach, making it a great location for a seaside day for both kids and parents. Bars like The Pier offer both shadow, drinks and food. A shower is available to clean the sand before returning to either your resort or ship. 
Playgrounds can be found at Kim Sha Beach, the Philipsburg Boardwalk. In both cases, many amenities, bars and restaurants can be found to allow parents to enjoy themselves whilst keeping an eye on the children. 
Most St Maarten Restaurants have a dedicated kids menu.

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