Lady in a cave under the pink cliffs of Cupecoy St Maarten

10 Best Spots for Photos

So on an island as photogenic as St. Maarten / St. Martin, with 37 pristine beaches and beautiful hills to hike in, where do you go for your ultimate holiday picture? For entertaining and funny selfie pictures, see our dedicated blog article on ultimate St. Maarten / St. Martin selfie spots – this article serves for tips of holiday pictures expressing the beauty of our island.


1. Maho Beach

Whether it is a selfie with yourself or a photo of a landing plane, pictures of arriving and departing planes at Maho Beach remain a must for a true St. Maarten / St. Martin holiday. Tip: Dinghy’s Beach Bar, in only some minutes walking distance along the eastern fence of the airport, gives a great additional photo location alongside the landings – and a great beach hangout too.


2. Rainforest Adventures Park

After you went up with the Soualiga Sky Explorer lift to Sentry Hill, magnificent photo opportunities unfold themselves. Whether it is views to surrounding islands like St. Barths, Anguilla, Saba or Statia, a direct view of planes departing and landing on Princess Juliana International Airport,  or just a view of the island and its hills all the way to Pic Paradis / Paradise Peak, photographers are prone to enjoy some great time here. Note: you can take the Flying Dutchman Zipline from here – but if you experience fear of heights, just return via the Soualiga Sky Explorer!


3. Mullet Bay Beach

Next to Maho Beach and Philipsburgs Great Bay Beach, Mullet Bay Beach might be Dutch side St. Maartens most photographed beach. Its combination of beautiful sunsets, a stretched pristine beach and the island’s lush Mullet Bay Golf Course makes the area a photogenic landscape.


4. Pinel Island

A beautiful beach with scenic beach bars, impressive nature, an additional quiet Atlantic beach and views of neighboring islands make small Pinel Island a gorgeous and not to miss photo opportunity.


5. Fort St. Louis

From spectacular sunset pictures through its battlements to overviews of Marigot below, Fort St. Louis over time was inspiration for some of the most beautiful pictures taken of St. Maarten / St. Martin.


6. Harold Jack

Harold Jack viewpoint provides a great opportunity to make photos (or movies) of incoming cruise ships arriving and departing St. Maarten. In addition, the old bulwark offers stunning views to surrounding islands Saba, St. Eustatius and often even as far as St. Kitts and Nevis. If you like the view, consider to take a tour on horse through Seaside Nature Park below!


7. Fort Amsterdam

Both for nature photos – you are prone to see many Brown Pelicans from here – , photos of the historic fort and pictures of Great Bay, Philipsburg and cruise ships in the opposite harbor, Fort Amsterdam is a great base for amateur and professional photographers. Tip for inspiration: before walking up the fort, take a coffee at Fort Amsterdam Cafe to see their beautiful wall filling picture of Great Bay through the forts’ battlements.


8. Amuseum Naturalis

At the back of the freely accessible Old House plantation house of Amuseum Naturalis a beautiful viewpoint can be found. Nature areas like Baie Lucas, surrounding islands and mangroves can be seen from here. Next to that, the monumental building itself and its outdoor exhibitions are worth some pictures too!

9. Pointe du Bluff

Now this one is one for the advanced boyscout (or frequent visitor). Close to the ruins of once famous and now closed hotel “La Belle Creole” and Baie Rouge / Red Bay beach one finds a unique cliff formation with a large opening to the sea as well as to the air. Treat this special rock carving of nature over many ages with dignity, but make sure you have a great picture of this unique place.


10. Cupecoy Beach

Cupecoy Beach stands out on St. Maarten thanks to its stunning setting against the majestic Cupecoy cliffs. Positioned near the border of the Dutch and French sides, and close to the Lowlands, it’s the ultimate spot for catching a breathtaking Caribbean sunset.





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