Buccaneer Beach Bar, Simpson Bay, Cole Bay


This is the epicenter of the Dutch side’s entertainment scene. There’s more than something for everyone. Do you just want a cocktail? This stretch has you covered. Live music? Check! How about food? Yes, and a bit more.


You may want to try one of everything at Balls & Wine. The tacos and cheese balls are tempting, and the wine list covers all the bases. It’s stuffed grape leaves and hummus at Beirut. The meats are seasoned to perfection and will transport you to the Middle Eastern city for which the restaurant is named.


Beach vibes and good food star at Buccaneer Beach Bar. Brick oven–fired pizza, sizzling burgers, and finger foods are on hand all day at this hopping corner of Kim Sha Beach. The beach parties are epic, and so is the huge fireball that awes patrons as it competes with the setting sun.


Jai’s Contemporary Fusion Cuisine features specialties from the subcontinent with a hint of Caribbean flare, reflecting the heritage of the chef and crew and bringing together a blend of spices and vibes. Vibes also are predominant at Karakter Beach Bar & Restaurant, along with a diverse menu and events like Sunday parties and a New Year’s bash. In addition, the location complements the entrees at The Hideaway at La Vista Resort. Savor meals around the pool along with heavenly views of the azure Caribbean Sea.


Fresh and flown-in seafood highlights the Sicilian menu at Sale & Pepe in Simpson Bay Lagoon. Chef Davide is also renowned for his freshly made pastas, as well as vegetarian delights. In addition, Lee’s Roadside Grill, a family-run restaurant, serves up fresh seafood cooked in a variety of ways. Caribbean lobsters fill the tanks at SkipJack’s. Pick your favorite and the chef will do the rest as you enjoy the views and swap stories with friends.


Topper’s Restaurant and Bar serves up international fare along with homey dishes like your grandma made. Sample signature rums and give your vocal cords a karaoke workout. The Boon restaurant at Mary’s Boon Beach Hotel on Simpson Bay Beach has been welcoming diners for decades. It retains its charm and ambience with a menu that caters to diverse culinary pleasures. And remember to head for Zee Best for mouthwatering, just-out-of-the-oven pastries, savory crepes, and other fresh offerings for breakfast and lunch.


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