"Shopping is one of the most awarded features of St. Maarten. Come and indulge in the experience in our famed shopping street Front Street, Philipburg."

Mike & Peter Mirpuri, Ballerina Jewelers

Shopping in St Maarten / St Martin

An Awarded Shoppers Haven

With everything from designer jewelry and timepieces to chic fashions and locally made crafts, St. Maarten / St. Martin is a shopper’s haven. The island won various awards for its status as a shopping mecca.

This pearl in the Caribbean chain boasts a long-standing duty-free status and a bevy of stores where prices are slashed on a range of top-shelf goods — everything from designer jewelry and sought-after electronics to brand-name fashions and fine wines and spirits.

Where Best to Shop

St. Maarten / St. Martin has been a trade hub since the 17th century, when salt was harvested from the island’s ponds and exported it around the globe.

The island has been a duty-free port over half a century, expanding its regional status of shopping center. St Maarten / St Martin’s well over 100 cultures brought their trade networks further amplifying the array of available products on island.

Both Dutch and French sides of the island offer a wealth of shops filled with goods to capture the imagination and taste of every shopper. Its most renowned shopping area is the center of Dutch side capital Philipsburg, but many shops can also be found in the Simpson Bay and Marigot areas.

Best Shopping in Philipsburg: From Frontstreet to Backstreet


Philipsburg’sFrontstreet area is St Maarten’s best known shopping mile, making it for both for cruise visitors and stayover guests a great shopping experience. Frontstreet is especially well known for its opportunity to provide your partner that long planned piece of jewelry you were wanting to give for so long. Some renowned jewelry houses are Ballerina’s, Joe’s Jewelry , Diamonds International , Zhaveri , Dazzling Gems and Oro Diamanté


Right behind Frontstreet you find Backstreet – where St Maarten inhabitants, but also visitors from surrounding islands go for many daily shopping needs.

When shopping along Front Street and Back street, you will run into various monuments including the national symbol of the courthouse.

Come with us on a shopping tour and you’ll see what we mean!

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