The courthouse of St Maarten in Front Street Philipsburg

September 21, 2023


The Philipsburg Courthouse – a National Symbol   Together with the world renowned temples of Angkor Vat of Cambodia, the Courthouse is one of the few buildings in the world to be included in a national flag – in the

Cannon on the Fort Amsterdam at Divi Little Bay resort

September 21, 2023


Fort Amsterdam Monument near Philipsburg St Maarten Fort Amsterdam – A Fort Guarding the Salt Trade   The fort located on the peninsula between Great Bay and Little Bay was built in 1631 by the Dutch. It was their first Fort in the

Old Westindies Tavern and Guavaberry SXM Shop in Front Street St Maarten

September 21, 2023


Guavaberry Shop & West Indian Tavern   The Guavaberry factory shop was built in the 1830s. At first it was a house that was eventually turned into a restaurant. Nowadays, it houses the Guavaberry Emporium, center of a national liquor based

Freedom Fighter monument at the crossing of Juancho Yrausquin and WJ Nisbeth Road St Maarten

September 21, 2023


Commemorating Abolition   The Freedom Fighter Monument is dedicated to those who fought for emancipation, liberation and freedom. Slavery was abolished on the Dutch Side in 1863, and is celebrated annually on Emancipation Day (1st of July). Every year for


September 20, 2023


The Famed Captain Hodge   The most central pier in Philipsburg is dedicated to Captain Arsene Hubert Hodge, better known as “Captain Hodge” in 1972. He connected the Windward Islands (Saba, Statia and St Maarten / St Martin) by sailing

Hiking excursion to Fort Louis Marigot

September 20, 2023


Fort Louis   Located in Marigot, Fort Saint Louis was built in 1789 under Saint-Martin’s and Saint-Bartehelemy governor Jeans Sebastien Durat. The goal of this fort was to defend from British and Dutch pirates the settlement and the warehouses of Marigot port where the harvested products

Old part of Oranje School in Front Street, Philipsburg St Maarten

September 20, 2023


See Oranje School, one of Philipsburg’s Oldest Monuments   The Oranje School at Frontstreet 88 was originally built as a church in 1738. When the English took over the church was demolished and all that was left were the foundations.

The Salt Warehouse in Philipsburg St Maarten

September 20, 2023


A Salt Hub   Hendrikstreet 4 used to be a home and is now a restaurant. The original shape of the house, however, has been well preserved. There is a warehouse to the left of the house where salt was stored

Entry to Pasanggrahan, the oldest hotel of St Maarten

September 20, 2023


Passanggrahan – Royal Guest House   The ‘Pasanggrahan’, Royal Guest House, at Frontstreet 15 is the oldest hotel in town that is still functioning in the center of Philipsburg. It was built in 1904 as the government guesthouse – “Pasanggrahan” is

Traffic Man, Osborne Kruythoff, Simpson Bay, St Maarten, Statue Osborne Kruythoff

September 20, 2023


Osborne Kruythoff – The Traffic Man   Osborne Kruythoff was a voluntary traffic manager in the early days of automobile of St Maarten, the sixties. Even there were as few as 83 cars, Kruythoff directed and gave his opinion how