Karakter beach at Simpson Bay


Photo: K Beach Club & Restaurant



Simpson Bay is one of the liveliest parts of St. Maarten. From active tours by day with Eagle Tours, Aquamania and Trisport to its famous nightlife. Many restaurants, bars and clubs can be found around the area. For a total pub and restaurant experience, we created a seven stop itinerary for you to explore the Simpson Bay area offerings to the fullest. Also take water, sodas and non-alcholic cocktails at your stops – otherwise this is going to be a heavy tour under the St. Maarten sun.



1.  Start at Dinghy’s Beach Bar

This hidden beach bar and restaurant close to Maho Beach but outside the business of the planes coming and going almost gives you the feeling of a private beach, whereas in fact it is only the beginning of a miles long, stretched Simpson Bay beach. If you are ambitious and planning to visit all bars along this route, Dinghy’s is a good moment to dip your feet in the water  before you go on along the beach and St. Maarten Airport.



2.  K Beach Club & Restaurant

After a beach strawl of some 100 meters you will reach some beach bars in a row. K Beach Club & Restaurant, is a famed weekend hangout for islanders. DJ’s can be found here often playing for the many guests.



3.  The Boon’s

Part of Caribbean styled Mary’s Boon Hotel, K Beach Club & Restaurant neighboring beach bar the Boon is a great and scenic spot to explore a variety of cocktails.



4.  Kingsman

Walk to Welfare road, the main thoroughfare of the Simpson Bay area until you reach Kingsman. This unique speakeasy-styled bar is totally dedicated to quality cocktails. A not to miss experience on your crawl.



5.  Specialized Sicilian, Libanese, Mediterranean, Louisianan and Mexican Cuisines

All within a mile of the Simpson Bay Lagoon Bridge, you can find a wide range of restaurants with specialized cuisines. Sale & Pepe for example is all about Sicilian delicacies. Beirut focuses on Lebanese cuisine, Al Pasha offers dishes from throughout the mediterranean. On the east side of the bridge you find New Orleans inspired NoLa and Mexican La Patrona. And this is just a sample of the wide variety you will run into.


6.  HuppelThePub

Beyond above restaurants you find Dutch bar HuppelThePub, a great hangout close to the waterfront. Dutch pub food is available here, try “bitterballen” (at least) once.



7. Topper’s

A befitting finale to this crawl is Topper’s. Get your cocktails right from the source here, as Toppers is St. Maartens largest rum distillery. A great atmosphere, crew, restaurant and rum shop awaits you here with a commanding view over the Simpson Bay Lagoon. Toppers also has frequent activities like karaoke.






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