"The Boutique Hotels of St. Maarten made the islands’ repute of "The Friendly Island". Come and stay where everybody remembers your name from last year!"

Samantha Layne & Patricia Rogers, L'Esperance Hotel


(Header photo courtesy of Holland House)

St Maarten / St Martin Boutique Hotels: Secret of Our Success

St Maarten / St Martin’s became famous as a leading destination in the region as “the Friendly Island” because of its personal hospitality and culture because of its small hotels, spread all over island. Those charming small hotels made many of our tourists come back every year! For many travelers, the smaller sized hotels remain a preferred way to spend their St Maarten / St Martin vacation contrary to larger resorts.

Where To Find St Maarten / St Martin Boutique Hotels

Small Boutique hotels remain very active on the island, and St Maarten / St Martin offers something for everyone. From downtown hotels close where the action is to those small hotels on one of our 37 pristine beaches, our offer befits any demand. If in need of selecting a hotel meeting your demands for leisure or business, do not hesitate to contact the SHTA offices.

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Guide to Best St Maarten / St Martin Boutique Hotels