Ziplining at Pelican Peak Philipsburg St Maarten



Are you the type of tourist that loves a challenge? Then St. Maarten / St. Martin is the place for you. Here are some unbeatable experiences for thrill seekers on (and right off) island.



1. Rainforest Adventures park


The Flying Dutchman zipline at Rainforest Adventures at Rockland Estate Park Cul de Sac Sint Maarten



Enjoy one of the biggest thrills in the Caribbean by taking the Soualiga Sky Explorer up |Sentry Hill, and the world’s steepest zipline the Flying Dutchman down! This and more attractions, amongst which a museum and Emilio’s restaurant, can be found on Rainforest Adventures park in Dutch side Cul de Sac.


2. Fly to Saba with WINAIR


Island hopping to Dutch Caribbean island Saba from St Maarten


Another unique thrill not to be found anywhere in the world is taking the plane to Saba from St. Maarten with local carrier WINAIR. Apart from a great day out to this impressive little island, landing on Saba’s Juancho Yrausquin Airport is a thrill seeker adventure by itself. As the shortest commercial runway in the world, requiring passing a special exam by visiting pilots, landing on this airport dozens of feet above sea level is quite the thrill. Don’t forget to buy the t-shirt “I survived a Saba landing when leaving!


3. Boat trip to Saba


Catamaran the Edge from Aquamania crossing the Caribbean Sea


If the above is too much for you, just take the boat ride to Saba offered by Aqua Mania Adventures. But as the name already made you wonder, there is thrills on offer by this water crazy company too. For example, take out one of their jetskis for a day or go into the deep with one of their diving excursions.


4. Dive Sint Maarten


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From Philipsburg, Dive St. Maarten also offers various Dive adventures into the blue deep, for both beginners and experts.


5. Surfing


Go kitesurfing & windsurfing on Plum Bay



Wave hunters, pay attention. St. Maarten / St. Martin also pleases surfers. Wave surfing can best be done at the northeastern edge of French Side St. Martin in between of Anse Marcel and Pinel Island, best reached from French Cul de Sac. Also, impressive waves for surfing can at times be found at Mullet Bay, Plum Bay and Baie Longue.


6. Kitesurfing


Orient Bay Beach St Martin is a great beach for water sports


Also for kitesurfing fanatics St Maarten / St Martin offers opportunities. Most enthusiasts are to be found in the Atlantic at Orient Bay Beach or the Baie L’Embouchure / Baie Lucas area.


7. Pelican Peak & Rusty Parrot


Go on a zipline adventure at Pelican Peak Philipsburg


St. Maarten offers thrill seekers more than one zipline. The Pelican Peak zipline offers a great view of Port St. Maarten, Great Bay and Philipsburg. After this thrill, the true Pirate story at base station Rusty Parrot is a walk in the park.


8. Airport beach


St Maarten / St Martin one of the most famous tourism sites - plane landing over Maho Beach and tourists


Slightly more of a general tourism attraction is seeing planes depart from Maho Beach, but the true adventurer first explores the Princess Juliana International Airport departure schedule for when heavy boeings are to depart for the best bucket list thrill (and no, not even those thrill seekers are allowed to hold the fence as this can be dangerous!).



9. Beat the Marines


Beat the marines challenge at the Philipsburg boardwalk St Maarten


So you are a tough one, looking for a St. Maarten challenge? Try the annual beat the marines event, organized by the Royal Dutch Marine Corps on Philipsburg’s Great Bay Beach. Running and swimming through the bay at a pace set by various muscled marines teams, their French side counterparts and police and binational gym teams is only for the toughest.


10. St Maarten Heineken Regatta


Heineke Regatta Sailing competition Sint Maarten


No Caribbean nautical thrill like the Heineken Regatta. This three day sailing event around the island is known as the largest in the region, so better prepare for tough competition. Various classes compete for the trophies awarded at its famed closing party with world renowned music stars. If not much of an experienced sailor, stay on one of the spectator boats and enjoy the experience surrounded by hundreds of participating boats!