The Old House


In an old plantation building in French Quarter , one finds what is named the Old House. Amongst its crops were tobacco and sugarcane. Later, salt was collected from the pond behind the mansion. The arduous work was done by slaves, of which many St. Maarteners descend. Since 1766, the Old House has been property of St. Maarten families like Hodge, Doncker, Fleming, Richardson, Romney and most recently Beauperthuy.


Nowadays, the Old House houses the Amuseum Naturalis by the Fruits de Mer foundation and is freely accessible for a walk through the property, its exhibitions on St. Maarten / St. Martin nature and culture. A free booklet is available for more information about the property. Not just the property is worth a visit; the backyard has a beautiful view over the eastern side of the island.


The Old House is one of three historic plantation properties easily available for visitors. The others are the Emilio Wilson Estate at Rainforest Adventure Park, also including a museum, and the Fleming property at Loterie Farm.

Where to find the Old House


The Old House can be found at French Quarter.


Find the Old House on the map below and other Monuments on St Maarten / St Martin on our Interactive Map!