Information on LGBT life on the island of St Maarten / St Martin


We put together this website to give you the “insider scoop” on gay life on SXM (the airport code and the easy name to use on the island on the rest of your journey through this website), whether you are on the Dutch side or French side. Enjoy the sun, the white sandy beaches, the overwhelming blue sea and all the fun. The island is back with more party and more fun!


This Caribbean island is owned by two countries. The northern side is French and the southern part is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The border is all but invisible between the two countries. You can move freely between the two countries, though it’s always good to mind the oh-so-cute Gendarmes (the French police) and the Politie (the Dutch police).


Our small, 37 square mile island has over 170 countries represented, though the Caribbean, French and Dutch cultures are the most prominent. You’ll be able to feel the blend of the Caribbean, French and Dutch flavours!


The island is in the northeastern part of the Caribbean known as the Lesser Antilles. You also might hear it referred to as the French or Dutch West Indies. We have tropical weather year round with a nice breeze and warm water from the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Suggestions from Gaysintmaarten.com

SXM is an active island. Take time to visit the many white sandy beaches, enjoy the underwater life while snorkeling or diving, hike the rain forest-like mountains, visit the caves, enjoy the wildlife.


If the great outdoors isn’t your thing, enjoy the world class food, fabulous beach bars all over the island, and high class shopping on Rue de Charles de Gaulle in Marigot and on Front Street in Philipsburg. At night, you’ll find plenty of bars and nightclubs to choose from.


Our final tip is that though SXM is more open than many islands in the Caribbean, because of it’s international appeal, just be mindful in “non-touristy” areas.


Visit the website https://gaysintmaarten.com