Nola Bayu Bistro

Dining in Simpson Bay & Cole Bay



Are you a culinary explorer? If so, point your compass toward the districts of Simpson Bay and Cole Bay. These twin hubs are the beating heart of the Dutch side’s entertainment landscape, offering a “no person left behind” philosophy that will make both your taste buds and hips move to the beat. Here, live music pairs with an array of food for a mix of high energy and laid-back beach serenity.


Begin your day at Zee Best, indulging in buttery, flaky pastries, both savory and sweet crepes, and other fresh morning or midday treats. Another French offering on the Dutch side, La Perle Bleu welcomes you with extensive menus perfect for any time of day.


NOLA Bayou Bistro, the latest venture of celebrated restaurateur James “Jimbo” Morris, serves fine dining that expertly blends French cuisine with a Southern twist. Also fresh on the scene is The Chef Table, where Chef Wendell Laurence’s flair for fusion brings his personal taste and talent to the forefront.


At K Beach Club & Restaurant, a different fusion awaits, combining varied flavors and a vibrant atmosphere. Browse the diverse menu and mark your calendar for lively Sunday parties and other celebrations. For a quieter retreat, try try The Hideaway Restaurant at La Vista resort for intimate poolside dining with stunning views of the Caribbean Sea.


Jai’s Contemporary Fusion Cuisine showcases unique specialties from the subcontinent, infused with a touch of Caribbean flair. These culinary creations blend the chef and crew’s diverse heritage, creating a symphony of flavors and atmospheres. While not explicitly named for seafood, Lee’s Roadside Grill & Bar is celebrated for its wide array of fresh seafood preparations. Continue the theme at SkipJack’s Seafood Grill, Bar, & Fish Market, where the star of the show is the live Caribbean lobster, which pairs perfectly with the scenic views of Simpson Bay Lagoon.


For a combination of food, rum, and karaoke, Topper’s Restaurant & Bar is the place to be, offering international fare with the comfort of homestyle favorites just like Grandma made. Get those vocal cords primed for a karaoke session with their selection of island-made rums. For a relaxed beach vibe and casual dining, visit The Boon Beach Bar & Restaurant at Mary’s Boon Beach Hotel on Simpson Bay Beach.


If you prefer to have your sustenance brought piping hot to your door, then SXM2GO is the perfect dining service for you. This popular food delivery service connects hungry diners with some of the island’s top restaurants and eateries through their friendly delivery drivers. If you want to pick up the delectable bites yourself, place an order on their website and head over to the restaurant of choice.





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