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Why St Maarten is Culinary Capital of the Caribbean

Tiny St. Maarten / St. Martin is a giant in the gastronomic world. The island, in fact, is the gateway to a world of flavors sure to please your palate. With hundreds of restaurants featuring melting-pot menus and innovative entrees, this Dutch-French island lives up to its reputation as the “Culinary Capital of the Caribbean.” It is said that Dutch side St Maarten as an autonomous country holds the world record of restaurants per square mile. French St Martin’s Grand Case Restaurants , as well as its counterparts in Marigot and Orient Bay add to this great palette of tastes.

Across 37 square miles of rolling emerald hills and sparkling sandy shores, restaurants, cafes and bars reflect the cultural tastes of the settlers who have come here from all over the world. Innovative chefs as well are drawn to this regional gourmet capital, where they create fusion cuisines equal to and often surpassing those you’ll find in cosmopolitan cities.


St.Maarten Flavors Month!

During the full St. Maarten Flavors Month of November, 47 St. Maarten restaurants and bars offer a selected signature dish or cocktail combination for a sharply reduced price of either $49 (three course dinner) or $17.50.A full island menu of signature dishes and a map of restaurant locations can be found at! (Many restaurants also offer a vegetarian alternative)

 In addition, a variety of activities alongside the dishes and a fundraiser auction of hotel weeks, activities and retail products are part of the website.

Caribbean Cuisine Everywhere

In addition, you owe it to yourself to try the local creole fare. Stop by a lolo’s, a small traditional eatery where you can sample succulent barbecued meats and fish, as well as national favorites like conch and dumplings and callaloo soup.

Wash it all down with a fine wine from France, a thirst-quenching local or Dutch beer or a ubiquitous rum cocktail. And you simply cannot leave St. Maarten / St. Martin without sampling some of the locally made Guavaberry liqueur and Topper’s Rums.

See some recipes from various restaurants and bars on St. Maarten / St. Martin! Have a taste of the culture and gastronomic flavors of this unique island! 

See for a listing of some of our finest restaurants our lunch and dining overview! 

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