Biodiversity hotspots on St. Maarten/ St. Martin

Biodiversity month day 3: Biodiversity hotspots on St. Maarten

The St. Maarten Hospitality & Trade Association supports the March Biodiversity awareness month organized by the Nature Foundation in an effort to help protect St. Maartens nature and biodiversity. Todays topic:  Biodiversity hotspots


Biodiversity hotspots are regions with exceptionally high levels of biodiversity that are also under significant threat from human activities. These areas are characterized by a large number of endemic species, meaning species that are found nowhere else in the world. Biodiversity hotspots are critical for conservation efforts because they represent a concentration of unique and often endangered species.


To be designated as a biodiversity hotspot, a region must meet two main criteria:


1. Species Richness: The area must have a high number of plant species, and it must be characterized by a high degree of endemism, meaning a significant proportion of the species found there are not found anywhere else.


2. Threatened by Human Activity: The hotspot must face a high degree of threat due to human activities, such as habitat destruction, pollution, climate change, and other factors that put the biodiversity of the region at risk.


There are 36 recognized biodiversity hotspots worldwide.


Here in Sint Maarten, we have the following.


1. The Great Salt Pond

2. Fresh Pond

3. Little Bay Pond

4. Fort Amsterdam

5. Simpson Bay Lagoon

6. Mullet Bay Pond

7. Hill Tops


These hotspots are focal points for conservation efforts because protecting them can have a significant impact on preserving local biodiversity. Conservation strategies in these areas often involve habitat preservation, restoration, and sustainable resource management to mitigate the threats faced by the unique species within these regions. It’s worth noting that the status and number of hotspots may change over time as new information becomes available and conservation priorities evolve.





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