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7 Tips for a Relaxing Day on St. Maarten / St. Martin

Relaxation Tips



St. Maarten / St. Martin might be a hub of things to do and nightlife, everyone needs that day on holidays doing absolutely nothing to build energy for more adventures. See some suggestions below to best recharge in an already relaxing holiday.


1. Select a Tranquil Beach

Select one of the quieter beaches to spend the day. With close to 40 beaches there is a variety of beaches to choose. Some are dotted with beach bars and even planes landing, others are tranquil and provide the feeling you have a beach all to yourself. French side Happy Bay is a great example of a more secluded beach; also the three large beaches in the Lowlands Area are pristine and quiet. On the Dutch side, consider Cay Bay Beach and Cupecoy Beach.


2. Have Yourself Guided Around

There is no way to better see the island than laying on the deck of an Eagle Tours or Aqua Mania vessel and relaxing while sea and sun give you that paradise feel. From great snorkeling spots to some of the best beaches, your “lazy” tour might be more productive than you think in the end.


3. Get a Wellness Treatment

St. Maarten cosmetics company St. Maarten Nectar provides an amazing wellness treatment. Combined with the home made and exported cosmetics they make, a not to miss opportunity.


4. Nature

A great way to relax is to visit one of St. Maarten’s / St. Martin’s nature areas. Some top suggestions are the Natural Pool area, Baie L’Embouchure and the lush forests around Colombier and Loterie Farm.


5. Spend a Day on Tintamarre

Tintamarre island, roughly a mile off the coast of St. Maarten, is a nature reserve with a pristine beach on its west end. The island allows for walking, snorkeling and of course, relaxing. As this is an uninhabited island, make sure to bring sufficient amounts of water and food from a supermarket.


6. Eat & Drink Off the Beaten Track

Most probably, your holiday started with one of St. Maarten renowned restaurants in the bustling areas around Simpson Bay, Maho, Grand Case or Orient Bay. But if you want to avoid liveliness this day and take a culinary detour, see our suggestions for off the beaten track bars and restaurants.


7. Order Food for A Day

After your lazy day of recharging for new adventures on St. Maarten / St. Martin, you could also decide to continue your day “off” in style and have your food delivered to you. Dominos has a strong presence on St. Maarten and there is one prone to be close. delivery service SXM2Go has an app allowing you to choose from many Dutch side restaurants; they will pick it up for you and deliver to many hotels and villas on their side of the island.



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