Victor Hugo Overall Winner of the 7th Annual Domino’s Interschool Sailing Championship 2024

Victor Hugo Overall Winner of the 7th Annual Domino’s Interschool Sailing Championship 2024


The 7th edition of the Domino’s Interschool Sailing Championship took place on Saturday, May 25th. A total of 44 sailors in 30 boats, representing 9 schools, took part in 4 races in the Simpson Bay Lagoon. 


“This year was again a great edition of the Domino’s Championship,” said Sam Peeks, Sailing Instructor at the SMYC. “With kids competing from our Youth Sailing Program and our Primary School Program, there was a lot of interest. We didn’t even have enough boats for the interest we received. Hopefully, next year we can grow again!” he continued. 


The sailors represented the following schools: Sister Regina Primary School, Learning Unlimited, MPC, CIA, Victor Hugo, All Children Educated Foundation, Seventh-day Adventist, Leonard Connor Primary School, and a Homeschooled team. 


In the morning, the sailors started from the SMYC dock so that parents, schoolteachers, and spectators had front row seats to see the sailing competition. Three races were sailed in the morning while Saskia Revelman provided live commentary during the racing. 


Around lunchtime, all competitors returned to the SMYC dock for a well-deserved pizza lunch. After lunch, the kids sailed one more race in the afternoon. 


In the Laser Class, 4 lasers raced against each other. Francener Faustin scored third place for MPC, Massimo Lapierre came in second sailing for Victor Hugo School, and Rio Stomp took the win in the Laser Class for MPC. 


The Optimist Class saw 10 competitors this year. Harper Treadwell, from homeschooling, finished in third position. Aden Stomp finished in second position, sailing for Sister Regina. First place went to Nathan Sheppard, sailing for Victor Hugo School. 


For the second time in this regatta, the Sail Qube fleet was included. A Sail Qube is a plastic Optimist that is used by the SMYC to teach young and beginning sailors. This fleet consisted of 6 Qubes. Sa Shayla Cedeno finished in third place for Sister Regina. Ashni Mhesh and Benjamin Koster came in second and shared the trophy for Sister Regina as well. Hunter Radican ended in first position for Learning Unlimited. 


In the RS Zest Fleet 6 boats competed. Natalia Harry and Olive Boxshall came in third, sailing for Learning Unlimited. Luke van Holland Little and Ekamjot Singh ended in second place, sailing for Sister Regina, and Pepijn Vriezen and Gyan Kallasingh won the class, also sailing for Sister Regina. 


The RS Quest Class saw 4 teams competing. James Lennox and Arhan Baharani came in third place, sailing for Learning Unlimited. Emilien Normand and Clement Normand finished in second place, sailing for Victor Hugo. Alex Speetjens and Dax Henriquez won the championship in this fleet, sailing for MPC. 

In addition to the individual trophies, overall trophies for schools were awarded. For the overall school trophies, the results of the best-performing boats per school were added and compared. Victor Hugo won the Domino’s Championship. 


  1.  Victor Hugo with 1009.7 points 
  1.  Sister Regina with 987.1 points 
  1.  Milton Peters College with 974 points 
  1.  Learning Unlimited with 951.2 points 
  1.  CIA with 784.5 points 
  1.  Leonard Connor with 669 points 
  1.  Homeschool with 529.3 points  


8/9. Seventh-day Adventists and ACE Foundation with 186.7 points each. 


Congratulations to all participants and schools! 


The SMYC thanks Domino’s Pizza sxm for making this event a great success. We look forward to next year! Thanks to all the volunteers who helped us out, the students for participating, and the parents and schoolteachers for cheering them on! 


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