Aerial photo of Simpson Bay Lagoon where one could rent a yacht, visit a boat rental or tour agency to find the best way how to get around the island of St Maarten / St Martin

TRAVEL+LEISURE: This Caribbean Island Has a Famous Luxury Hotel, a Waterfront Airport, and the ‘Most Extreme Beach in the World’



St. Martin is a unique Caribbean Destination split between two separate countries. Dutch Sint Maarten and French Saint Martin have coexisted peacefully since the Partition Treaty of 1648.


With Most of the tourist flying in via the Dutch Side, Princess Juliana International Airport wherever you end up on the island you are guaranteed.

There are actually only two seasons here: dry season and wet season. With nonstop sunshine November or May you might just catch the best of both worlds.


The island has no shortage of luxury lodging. But also caters those that wish to dial down the opulence a notch or two.


When it comes to world-class sandy shores, St. Martin is an embarrassment of riches. Singling out the best is something of a fool’s errand since the entire island is pretty much enveloped by one big, beautiful beach.



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