Dutch Blonde Beach Bar, Dining in Philipsburg


The capital of the Dutch side is famous for duty-free shopping, but it’s also a culinary hot spot.  Dotted with beach bars and waterfront restaurants catering to myriad tastes, this bustling little town holds its own in the culinary world.


Holland House Beach Hotel’s Ocean Lounge is the epitome of chic beach dining for lunch or dinner. Gaze at the wide expanse of Great Bay, the Boardwalk, and Port St. Maarten as you enjoy flavorful dishes with wine or crafted cocktails.


Aziana Asian Fusion Food Bar also should be at the top of your list. You have never had a poke bowl until you’ve tried it here. How about an eggplant sushi roll? Classic dishes such as fried rice and flavorful soups also populate the menu. It’s a good lunch spot to refuel for your shopping day and a place to return for drinks and dinner as the sun slips behind the boats in Great Bay.


Amsterdam Cheese & Liquor Store is a great place to discover the Dutch side’s link to The Netherlands. Enjoy cheese and wine tastings for a unique local treat. Another popular venue that celebrates Dutch culture is the Dutch Blonde Beach Bar on the Boardwalk. Taste island-crafted beers such as the restaurant’s namesake, as well as other delights.


Prefer to picnic on the beach or relax in your hotel room? Domino’s Pizza has you covered. This is the same famous Domino’s that you’ll find in your hometown, but with a Caribbean vibe. The pies are piping hot and always fresh.


In addition, you can stock up at one of the Carrefour Markets. The shelves are brimming with familiar and exotic ingredients that call to your inner chef — or the chef on hand at your rental villa.


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