St. Maarten Beer Tour


Raise a glass to the craft brewers of St. Maarten/St. Martin.


By Alita Singh


Beer is one of the world’s oldest drinks. It was once the cleanest source of hydration when water brought with it a host of issues. Today, beer is a refresher and a connector of people all over the world.


The duty-free status of St. Maarten/St. Martin has made it an inviting place to sample international beers, but don’t leave without sipping a craft beer made right here on the island.


In 2021, Dutch Blonde Experiences took home the prestigious 2021 London Beer Competition Silver Medal. The winning brew: Dutch Blonde, a fruity, spicy beer with honey, orange, and clove undertones. Most recently, Dutch Blonde Ale’s brewery, Caribbean Brewing Company, was named a Travel & Hospitality Award Winner for 2022. The brewery’s international renown is coupled with regional recognition in the islands of the northeastern Caribbean. Grab your bottle of Dutch Blonde, San Martin, or Pirate’s Edition at Dutch Blonde Beach Bar and Restaurant on the Boardwalk in Philipsburg.


SXM Beer co-founder Scott Brockie first visited the island almost 30 years ago. He wanted to taste a locally brewed beer and was disappointed after being offered beers from other Caribbean islands and faraway countries. An idea fermented in his mind to brew a quality beer on St. Maarten/St. Martin. That idea manifested after he joined forces with Pascal de Lacaze. Thank your taste buds that the business partners came up with SXM Beer, a crisp European-style lager with a mild, malty undertone highlighted by soft floral hops.


Pelikaan Brewery was also a product of longing for a beer made on the island. French creative artist Stephen Winkel partnered with Nicolas “Nico” Carlini, a computer scientist who emigrated from Argentina, and began to brew up their dreams in Cole Bay. Now you can sip the beers of their labor: Mullet Bay, Point Blanche, Soualiga, Irma Pale Ale, and Mont Careta. You’ll be glad that Winkel and Carlini got together.


All three breweries offer tours of their operations with tasting packages. Add one or all of them to your must-do list and savor the day you did.


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