The Sint Maarten Road Runners together with BDO & ILTT welcomes many runners this year to the Country Club Port de Plaisance.

Third annual Interscholastic Run set for Sunday, March 20!!

St Maarten Interscholastic Run Ready to Take Off!

The third annual Interscholastic Run on the Boardwalk in Philipsburg organised by St. Maarten Roadrunners will take place on Sunday, March 20. This event was a huge success in 2016 and 2021 when it was last hosted with more than 21 schools competing from both sides of the island. With COVID-19 having impacted sports within schools in a huge way over the last two years, St. Maarten Roadrunners is excited to involve youth in a healthy outdoor activity that fosters camaraderie and an opportunity to show some school pride.
The run will consist of three categories; Primary School and High School (13-15 years and 16-19 years).

Primary School runners can range in age from 6 to 12 years and will complete a 2.5Km distance which is two laps marked on the Boardwalk. Their start is at 5:00pm
High School runners will range in age from 13 to 19 years and will complete a 5Km distance which is four laps marked on the Boardwalk. They will start at 4:00pm. The venue is the Walter Plantz Square on the West end of the Boardwalk and the route will take runners towards the Gelateria on the east end of the Boardwalk where they will turn and come back. The High School runners will do this loop a few times.
The minimum number of runners per team is three and the maximum is five. Each school can register one team in each category. If a school does not have the minimum required three runners, they can combine with another school and share the prize and the glory.
All runners must be students at the school they are representing (run in your school sport shirt). The first three runners of each team to cross the line will have their times combined to classify them for the overall position (more runners per team can participate).

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