St Maarten / St Martin is Not Just a Paradise For Parents, but Also For Kids!

Clearly, beaches are as much fun for parents as they are for children. Specifically Mullet Bay Beach, Great Bay Beach, Kim Sha Beach, Le Galion, Friar’s Bay,  Pinel island and Grand Case are well accessible for a family day on the beach and have moderate currents. In all cases, snorkeling will be an instant hit!

Some Outings That Will Guarantee a Great Day For The Kids:

  • • slide down Sentry Hill via the schooner ride at Rainforest Adventure Park. Call the park in advance as access will depend on age / size.
  • • help parrot feeding at the bird park!
  • • spend a day of nature amazement at Amuseum Naturalis
  • • mounting a horse at Seaside Nature Park!
  • listen to a true 3d pirate story at the Rusty Parrot!
  • • paying a visit to the large iguana colonies near Dawn Beach hotel or Pinel Island!
  • • fun for both parents and kids alike is the Toppers Rhum distillery as it both serves a wide array of (rhum as well as) ice cream tastes!
  • • For the more curious kids who love a puzzle – try one of the four escape rooms at Dutch Blonde Beach Bar! The first in the Caribbean.
  • • Walter Plantz square’s fountains are considered a great entertainment for children, and right on Great Bay Beach!