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St. Maarten Flavors 2024: A Culinary Celebration of Heritage and History

Philipsburg, St. Maarten – Get ready for an unforgettable gastronomic adventure this November as St. Maarten bursts into life with the vibrant and tantalizing “St. Maarten Flavors” event! This highly anticipated celebration will shine a spotlight on the island’s rich culinary heritage, highlighting five key cuisines in the months leading up to November that define its dynamic food landscape: Caribbean, European, Americas, Asian, and Vegetarian. This year’s event, now in its third edition, introduces these five distinct culinary categories for the first time, promising an even richer and more diverse experience.



We invite all food lovers, locals, and tourists to partake in this extraordinary celebration. Restaurants are encouraged to sign up and be part of this unique opportunity to showcase their culinary masterpieces based on family recipes or other important influences throughout their career path. For more information and to register your restaurant, please contact the SHTA at



“The main St. Maarten Flavors event takes place throughout November, when participating restaurants will offer special set menus designed to highlight their signature dishes. Restaurants have the option to have their diners choose from a one-course menu at $17.50, a three-course menu at $49, or a higher-end three-course menu at $69. Each menu is crafted to showcase the best of what St. Maarten’s culinary scene has to offer, making November a month-long celebration of flavors and creativity.” Explains Michele Korteweg, organizer of St. Maarten Flavors though SHTA.



Leading up to the main event, promotions and competitions will take place to highlight the five key cuisines.



European Cuisine:


The island’s European heritage goes beyond Dutch and French, although clearly visible with traditional dishes like bitterballen and lobster thermidor. The diverse culinary landscape also includes Italian, Spanish, and German flavors, creating a rich European tapestry.



Americas Cuisine


St. Maarten’s cuisine is profoundly influenced by both North and South America. Native ingredients like cassava and sweet potatoes blend with barbecue techniques and staples from North America, creating favorites like burgers and brisket. South American flavors, such as empanadas and ceviche, add vibrant diversity.



Asian Cuisine:


Thriving Indian and Chinese communities have infused the island’s food scene with aromatic spices and innovative fusion creations. From traditional Asian eateries to modern fusion restaurants, the blend of flavors adds a captivating layer to St. Maarten’s diverse culinary offerings.



Vegetarian Cuisine:


Rooted in the island’s agricultural heritage, St. Maarten’s vegetarian cuisine includes hearty dishes like callaloo and rice and peas. Modern vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants innovate traditional dishes while promoting sustainable agriculture through bustling farmers’ markets filled with fresh, organic produce.



Caribbean Cuisine:


Experience a tapestry of multicultural influences with dishes like Johnny cakes, rice and peas, and grilled red snapper, reflecting St. Maarten’s African, Dutch, French, and indigenous roots. Local “lolos” serve these traditional dishes with unique twists, making Sundays, Easter, Christmas, and Carnival true culinary showcases.



“The 2024 St. Maarten Flavors event is more than just a culinary festival—it’s a vibrant celebration of the island’s rich history and diverse heritage. By highlighting these five cuisines and allowing chefs to present signature dishes inspired by familial and historical sources, the event promises a unique culinary journey that honors the past while embracing contemporary trends. Visitors and locals alike will have the opportunity to savor the flavors that define St. Maarten, making this November a truly unforgettable month in the island’s culinary calendar.” Korteweg explains.



Join us in celebrating St. Maarten Flavors 2024, where heritage and history come alive through every bite, and be part of a culinary extravaganza that promises to be as colorful and captivating as the island itself!



“We extend our heartfelt thanks to our sponsors, St. Maarten Tourist Bureau and Visit, for their generous support. This event is also a crucial fundraising initiative to send a team of St. Maarteners to the prestigious “Taste of the Caribbean” competition. Sponsorship and participation help us achieve this goal and promote our island’s culinary talents on an international stage.” Concludes Korteweg.



For more information and to register your restaurant, please contact the SHTA at, visit and stay updated by following their social media channels! Let’s make St. Maarten Flavors 2024 a resounding success!