The Philipsburg Courthouse – a National Symbol


Together with the world renowned temples of Angkor Vat of Cambodia, the Courthouse is one of the few buildings in the world to be included in a national flag – in the St Maarten flag you find a miniature picture of the courthouse. The Courthouse was built in 1793. The plans were drawn by John Handleigh by order of commander Rink. During the last renovation in 1966 the Courthouse obtained its present form. This building houses the court of Sint Maarten.


Where to find the Philipsburg Courthouse


The Courthouse is in the Philipsburg area of St Maarten / St Martin.


Find the Courthouse on the map below and other Monuments on St Maarten / St Martin on our Interactive Map!




How to get to Fort Amsterdam


How to get to the Courthouse from the direction of Oyster Bay/Orient Bay side of St Maarten / St Martin


Head towards the direction of the AC Wathey Cruise Port in Philipsburg. At the Freedom Fighter monument roundabout turn right towards Pondfill Road. At the next roundabout you exit to the left heading towards the Clem Labega Square where you can park your car close to the Courthouse. When your car is parked you need to walk towards Front Street where the Courthouse is located.


How to get to the Courthouse from the Simpson Bay/ Princess Juliana Airport SXM / Maho / Cupecoy / Marigot / Grand Case SFG / areas of St. Maarten / St. Martin


Pass Princess Juliana Airport from the Maho / Cupecoy direction or pass the Causeway Bridge coming from Marigot / Grand Case, towards Simpson Bay. While keeping the sea on your right-hand side and the Simpson Bay Lagoon on your left . Follow the main road to your left when it turns inland and you reach the Kruythoff roundabout. Take the second exit uphill and follow the road it for half a mile where you can enjoy the beautiful views. You will reach a roundabout on top of the hill. Skip the first exit towards Indigo Bay, but take the second (downhill) towards Divi Little Bay. At the roundabout turn right and follow the main (winding) road towards / along the sea until you reach Philipsburg’s main Pond fill artery along the Great Salt Pond. You can park your car at the Clem Labega Square which is close to the Courthouse.



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