Fort Louis


Located in Marigot, Fort Saint Louis was built in 1789 under Saint-Martin’s and Saint-Bartehelemy governor Jeans Sebastien Durat. The goal of this fort was to defend from British and Dutch pirates the settlement and the warehouses of Marigot port where the harvested products (rum, salt, coffee and sugarcane) were stored. Nowadays, it is abandoned but you can enjoy a beautiful 360 view.

Fort Louis Impression

Where to find Fort Louis


Fort Louis is located in the Marigot area of St Maarten.


Find Fort Louis on the map below and other Monuments on St Maarten / St Martin on our Interactive Map!



How to get to Fort Luis

How to get to Fort Louis from the direction of Oyster Bay/Orient Bay/Philipsburg side of St Maarten / St Martin


Proceed towards the Philipsburg Pondfill/WJ Nisbeth Road along the Great Salt Pond. Departing from Philipsburg, ensure the sea remains on your left-hand side and go straight ahead at the traffic lights. Follow the road and you will pass dominos sxm and later on you will arrive at a roundabout where carrefour is located. Take the second exit and follow the road until you see Kooyman, after kooyman there will be a road uphill that you have to take, it is on your right. Folow this road uphill and you will end up going down to the main road againthat you will have to follow. You will have to pass Cole Bay and eventually you will arrive in Marigot. Now you will be heading towards the sea where Fort Louis is Located. You can park your car in front of les west indies shopping mall and from there on you can walk to Fort Louis.

How to get to Fort Louis from the Simpson Bay/ Princess Juliana Airport SXM / Maho / Cupecoy / areas of St. Maarten / St. Martin


When coming from the direction of Simpson Bay/princess Juliana international airport (sxm) pass the causeway bridge and after the bridge take the second exit at the roundabout heading towards Marigot and keep the sea on your left. Follow this road until you arrive at the city center of Marigot. Here you will have to find a parking spot for your car. You can park your car in front of les west indies shopping mall and from there on you can walk to Fort Louis.


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