Sale & Pepe, dining in Simpson Bay, St Maarten


Enjoy a taste of Sicily in St. Maarten/St. Martin


By Alita Singh


Born in Catania, an ancient port city at the foot of Mount Etna on Sicily’s east coast, Chef Davide Zagami of Sale & Pepe Italian Sicilian Cucina restaurant has a deep connection with the sea and the cuisine spawned from it. He captures this essence in his dishes by opting only for the freshest, top-quality ingredients. Many of his dishes feature local ingredients, notably fresh seafood.


His enthusiasm and love of cooking are reflected in the mouthwatering dishes he creates from traditional and unconventional ingredients. In the two decades Chef Davide has called this island home, he has made his name synonymous with exceptional Italian cuisine.


The success of Sale & Pepe is a labor of love Chef Davide shares with his soulmate, Scarlet. The two met in St. Maarten in 2009, and their first offspring was their restaurant in Simpson Bay. The chef wanted his diners to connect with the land and water, which he prized back home in the Old Country. Sale & Pepe has achieved that dream for Chef Davide. This standout waterfront restaurant offers outdoor seating and boasts lagoon views. If you prefer to dine indoors, there is also a well-appointed, air-conditioned dining room.


When you dine with Chef Davide and Scarlet, you are part of the family. They combine the chef’s talent and experience in the kitchen with Scarlet’s managerial experience and front-of-house presence. The menu is a combination of Italian cuisine and Caribbean influence, with options such as Linguine alle Vongole (clams) and Rigatoni alla Siciliana (with Italian sausage). Also delectable are the risottos: one with porcini mushrooms, another is a vegetarian option featuring asparagus. Gluten-free pastas are available, and there are non-pasta main courses as well.


Sale & Pepe is the epitome of a family restaurant. Here is a family adding care and love as the base ingredient in every dish, and they are happy to share that with everyone.


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