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Tuesday February 14 it is Valentines day. Valentines day offers great opportunity to propose to your lover, and what better location is there to choose then one of St Martin’s beautiful hotels/resorts. Setting and location is key in being successful in proposing to your lover. So, here are four destination suggestions to go to with your lover, who offer the perfect occasion for asking the hand in marriage of your partner.


The first hotel is called Le Petit Hotel. Le Petit Hotel is a boutique hotel who has 10 hotel rooms. Each of these rooms offer beautiful ocean view and with just a couple of steps you find yourself upon the beach.


Another recommended hotel is the Loterie farm. This is something completely different than the others, because it is a private nature reserve. The Loterie farm is especially for people who are a little more adventurous for its many hiking trials for both beginners as well as more experienced hikers. One of the trails leads you to Pic Paradis, the highest mountain of the whole island, which offers nice opportunity to propose. After the hike there is the possibility to relax in the Jungle pool and enjoy drinks and meals in the open-air restaurant.


If you are a bigger fan of relaxing and intimacy instead of being adventurous, the Karibuni Boutique hotel is the perfect option. It is located at Pinel Island. The hotel offers lots of wellness activities such as mediation and yoga. They also provide the opportunity for private dinner and private pools. A perfect way of getting your partner in the right and chill mindset for proposing to him/her.


The last but definitely not least hotel is La Samanna Resort, a Belmond Hotel St Martin. This hotel offers a much more luxurious experience for you and your partner to enjoy. The hotel offers many amenities like massages, boat rides, art exhibitions, vintage French wines and many more! So if you are looking for a more deluxe experience La Samanna Resort is your go-to.


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