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Last Saturday, the Les Fruits de mer association welcomed the general public to its open-air museum in Quartier d’Orléans for a new edition of the festival dedicated to migratory birds. Games, observation, distribution of books, young and old alike were delighted.


A public and free event, the Migratory Birds Festival made its comeback this Saturday, October 14, 2023 with the particularity of being held within the Amuseum Naturalis, at The Old House. The last edition of the festival dates from 2019 and took place in Friar’s Bay, with all the logistics involved in moving equipment and organizing activities. For this year 2023, Jenn Yerkes and Mark Yokoyama preferred to focus on fewer activities, favoring observation and autonomy for visitors. Equipped with data sheets of avian species to play detective ornithologist bingo and lists for the habitat treasure hunt, the visitors had a field day, wandering the paths of the hill and surrounding areas to looking for a nest, an animal track or even a leaf with sharp edges. By highlighting the importance of observing nature, taking the time to listen to sounds and being attentive to what is happening around, the Les Fruits de Mer association has once again succeeded in raising awareness with educate the population about the environment and the preservation of biodiversity. This new Migratory Birds Festival was also an opportunity for the associative team to launch two new books: Soualiga Birds and Oiseaux Autour de Moi. Each of the works is the last coloring book in two popular series on local nature and the birds of Saint-Martin, some of which migrate annually to the territory. Thanks to subsidies, Fruits de Mer published 15.000 books to distribute them in schools. This year, each child attending a partly French public school will receive a free book highlighting the fauna and flora of Saint-Martin. It was with great joy that Jenn Yerkes and Mark Yokoyama announced the news during the Migratory Bird Festival. More productive than ever, the two Fruits de Mer representatives are organizing a new free book distribution next Saturday. More details in our edition this Friday.









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