Veggies from carrefour market

Carrefour Market

Low Prices Plus More


One of the best places to spot top chefs on the island is among the aisles at Carrefour Market, the largest supermarket chain in St. Maarten. Carrefour Market is synonymous with comfort and offers its customers an ultimate shopping experience. They stock a huge range of fresh, thoughtfully sourced groceries from around the world.


The produce is fresh and replenished throughout the week and includes organic fruits and vegetables. The dairy section is arguably the best on the island. They carry a huge range of wines, spirits, aperitifs, and mixers to choose from and have the finest snacks. You can also purchase duty-free liquors in singles or bulk.


Carrefour Market has two major outlets with 40,000 square feet each — one located on Bush Road and the other in Cole Bay. With Carrefour Express, the chain has expanded further with two more locations in Porto Cupecoy and Jordan Village, reaching customers in those areas.


Whether you are on the Dutch side or just across the border on the French side, you are never far from a huge assortment of quality products, ample parking, a hygienic and shopper-friendly ambience, and prompt assistance in every aisle.





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