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St. Maarten shipyard services are a game changer for superyacht owners.

In-water works are revolutionizing the way superyacht owners and captains approach shipyard services, resulting in substantial cost savings, greater control and reduced time being spent in the yard.


Nobody wants their yacht out of the water longer than necessary, especially the owners and captains of the world’s most luxurious superyachts.
Now, with quality in-water services available at a select number of superyacht marinas, owners and captains are opting for in-water maintenance and repairs, allowing cost savings, flexibility and convenience.



How the benefits stack up


The cost savings of in-water shipyard services are significant. They include reduced slip rates, no haul out fees, no mark up on your chosen contractors, VAT exemption* and no hidden site fees. Most maintenance and repairs can be carried out quicker when the vessel doesn’t have to be removed from the water, saving valuable time for owners, captains and their crew. However, it’s not just about cost saving, as there is more flexibility to control your own project, schedule tasks and the crew can benefit from a wealth of programs and concierge services at the world’s most advanced in-water works destinations.

*For applicable boats



More expertise, more quality


IGY Marinas, the largest superyacht marina company in the world, has taken in-water works to a new level at its marinas in Sète, the South of France, and Yacht Club Isle de Sol, in Sint Maarten.


Through its Shipyard Program, IGY can provide a dedicated project coordinator to assist every aspect, from partnering the best contractors to assisting with private VIP transportation, hotel bookings, car rentals, deliveries, storage, crane hire, waste removal, and much more.


With reduced downtime, crew can make the most of their limited free time at the marina and enjoy use of the remote work office, fitness centre, rooftop terrace, swimming pool, tennis courts, bars, restaurants and crew lounge**.


With such an extensive range of in-water works and ancillary services available at IGY Marinas, superyacht owners can plan scheduled maintenance years in advance as well as reactive maintenance to solve unplanned issues.


By scheduling works to coincide with the yacht’s migratory pattern, dictated by the charter or usage demands, owners not only save time and money, but also reduce carbon footprint by not having to relocate the yacht to a shipyard every time work needs to be done.


It’s this unique blend of money-saving and time-saving benefits, flexibility, convenience and comfort that makes in-water shipyard services so appealing to owners and captains alike.


For more information visit IGY Shipyard Services.

** Facility crew amenities differ





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