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For decades, woman have been accomplishing amazing things in the travel sector. Because of the upcoming International Woman’s day, Forbes has put some amazing woman who are active in the travel sector into the spotlight. One of those features is the director of the Heineken Regatta Michele Korteweg!


Michele started as a intern with the Heineken Regatta. Eventually she liked the island, the people and her work so much that she decided to move to St Maarten and working full-time at the Heineken Regatta. In 2011 she organized her the Heineken Regatta. This year, her goal is to recognize more woman in the sailing industry.  She tells that only 2% of employees working in the Marina sector are woman, meanwhile she is seeing a lot of woman in her own direct environment who show exactly how it can and should be. For example, the most sailing programs and businesses in the Caribbean and most of the big international Caribbean Regattas are all managed by woman.


Her plans for the future are to she will aim to expand the Marina industry by establishing trade events, workshops and hosting conferences and trainings to promote women in the sector.


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